Do animals commit suicide?

Ducks who drown deliberately, insects who abandon their colony... Can animals commit suicide? ⚠️ Warning: the following video includes images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

07/19/2018 10:41 AM


  • Dejan U.
    07/31/2018 22:54

    Čovjek je zlo

  • Ali B.
    07/31/2018 03:00

    The only animal I know that commit suicide is a scorpion 🦂

  • Hetal P.
    07/30/2018 14:38

    Frequently change location is the one solution....

  • Sara L.
    07/29/2018 12:35

    this is sad

  • Chirvas L.
    07/29/2018 05:35

    No way! the masons!

  • Khondoker M.
    07/28/2018 06:18

  • Ishan D.
    07/28/2018 01:32

    Stupid asshats , the intelligent creatures among animals, yaall need to rethink, they can’t think and over think about life and being mortal like some dumbass grownup human, yes they morn when someone of their family dies but they get on with life because they are animals . Stupid assholes . Oh fuck no, They are animals and when they starve they are ready to feast on their owners and i hope they do!

  • Baya C.
    07/27/2018 23:00

    Les animaux sont sensibles et souffrent comme nous, sauf qu'ils n'ont pas la parole.

  • Carol Y.
    07/27/2018 22:30

    I watched this video to see what was going on. I am sorry to see this is happening. I never knew what all animals, would be like people. Losing their homes, space that they have always had. Losing love ones. I guess this world needs love and respect, for all living things. ❤😔💜🙄

  • Suju G.
    07/27/2018 20:29

    Whales also beach themselves when they are dying and weak to choose not to drown, because they breath in air. But it’s for the same ending why a lot of Whales that are rescued who beach themselves don’t survive but not always the circumstance.

  • Christopher H.
    07/26/2018 19:35

    When a creature has had enough and is frankly too tired to carry on this is what happens.

  • Ola A.
    07/26/2018 12:16

    حمدلله ع نعمه الاسلام🙂

  • Erika L.
    07/26/2018 02:55

    Bees don’t commit suicide. They abandon their colony/hive when they are close to death in order to save the workers within the hive from having to remove their bodies. Bees that die within the hive itself are removed and put outside by the hive workers.

  • Krystyna K.
    07/25/2018 06:08


  • Sari A.
    07/24/2018 22:21

    That’s national behavior

  • Stephen P.
    07/24/2018 10:01

    Very sad moment in life

  • Natalee A.
    07/24/2018 07:01

    Poor orcas 😭

  • Soùm I.
    07/23/2018 23:24

    En tout cela a été rendu possible par les humains... Ils ont détruit la nature

  • June K.
    07/23/2018 21:36

    Some people won’t believe this. I’ve raised Bantam chickens for 16yrs. I bought some at an auction the one hen and roo hung out together. The hen got very sick, almost died. I brought the roo in and he would make her eat and drink. He pulled her through. They were always together. Couple years later she got egg bound and died. He was very depressed, but not sick. A week later we found him in the coop, surrounded by hens, dead. He died of a broken heart.

  • Sol A.
    07/22/2018 10:30

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