Doctors trying to vaccinate detained migrants arrested

"We just don't want more people to die." These doctors went to the border to provide flu vaccinations — but they wound up in jail.

CBP says no

The U.S. Border Patrol arrested doctors offering free flu shots to detained migrants in San Diego. Since last December, 3 children in U.S. custody — ages 2, 6, and 16 — have died from influenza. While CBP doesn’t have a vaccination program – ICE says its long-term detention centers do vaccinate immigrants. A group called Doctors For Camp Closures are demanding agents let them give free flu shots to migrants. They say it's in response to the death of a 16-year-old Guatemalan boy in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody.

Need for action

“Border Patrol said that they would not be allowing us to access that, they didn't think it was feasible to provide flu vaccinations to people. This is flu season right now. I'm seeing my first cases at work. We know there's a lot of cases. There's been an uptick recently in cases of influenza. And the intervention really needs to happen now. We just don't want more people to die. I mean, from all of the reports we've heard, there's significant amount of medical neglect and suffering going on. We hear descriptions of people being placed in very cold cells, sick children and adults being placed in isolation in freezing cells. None of these conditions are safe or healthy for a human person. We're going to keep fighting in any way that we can. The goal is just to keep people safe and to keep people healthy and we'll do what it takes to get there,” Marie DeLuca, MD co-founder of Doctors for Camp Closure tells Brut.

Fighting against an outdated policy

CBP maintains it has never been a practice to administer vaccines, and the policy is not new. Doctors for Camp Closures said they will continue to meet with agents and the sector chief to once again request they let doctors in.


12/13/2019 11:41 PMupdated: 12/16/2019 2:06 PM
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  • Ethan B.
    a day

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brandon P.
    a day

    That moment you are arrested in your own country, for only wanting to help people in the manner you are educated an trained to do so, Simply because those people are not from your country.... you know we have failed as humans and as a country...

  • Chloe M.
    a day

    Eh, you’ve got ACTUAL LEGAL patients waiting for you.

  • Salahuddin H.
    a day

    That’s what happens when Republicans are in control. Now it’s worse that you have a racist scumbag in the WH

  • Alberto A.
    2 days

    Dios los bendiga

  • Andrew C.
    2 days

    All these people who defend the illegal immigrants are just as much of the problem as the illegal immigrants. We have a system for any foreign person to legally become a citizen of the United States. We have work visa options that are obtainable. We even have the US military who openly enlist young foreign adults and after completion of there basic training become legal US citizens. Stop defending the ones coming here illegally offering us nothing but higher taxes (because we have to support them) and less American jobs (because they will do it for cheaper). They traffic drugs, some are criminals, etc. Undocumented Immigrants are unsafe.

  • Wendell M.
    2 days

    They're illegals they don't care about them

  • Joseph G.
    2 days

    So do people have nothing else to do let’s go get arrested instead of being at the hospital. I thought Doctors was supposed to be smart

  • Joseph G.
    2 days

    Yea I bet that’s all they done

  • Javan M.
    3 days

    How about smallpox vaccines instead

  • Yareli H.
    3 days

    Ain’t even “fight” for it

  • William D.
    4 days

    Well coming from a law standpoint you can’t block the driveway of a federal facility (in some states you can’t block public roads even during a “peaceful” protest) so 🤷🏻‍♂️ them removing doctors and you complaining about being arrested is like me saying I blocked you from getting into your place of business because you work for a corrupt big pharmaceutical corporation 🤔

  • Paul V.
    4 days

    If they aren't illegally coming here they wouldn't be detained..... And they wouldn't have this problem!!!

  • Clinton M.
    4 days

    What actual Dr. would be protesting and laying on the ground?

  • Donald S.
    4 days

    "Went to the border to provide flu shots"...proceeds to lie on the ground.....

  • Joseph R.
    4 days

    Hum but they won’t go into the other country to do this

  • Melly B.
    4 days

    I hope that none of y’all are ever in a situation that you have to flee your home country because of threats of violence so bad that you walk hundreds of miles to escape such a situation, watching people that you are traveling with die from dehydration, heat exhaustion and starvation just trying to have a better life. These are human beings. Just because they are not “Americans” does not mean that they don’t deserve to be treated as people. Do I agree that they should come here legally? Yes. Do I think this country makes it easy for them to do so? No. I think we need to stop worrying about where someone comes from and be more concerned about what kind of person they are. And as for the doctors, they want to help these people, that’s why they became doctors. Not to just help Americans but to help anyone who is a human being. And for the people who are saying “we need to help Americans first” tell that to the government who is sending supplies to other countries instead of helping our homeless and people in need. We are all humans. No life is more important than another. We all deserve to live a happy and healthy life no matter where we come from.

  • Kirk D.
    4 days

    Shouldnt be entering a foreign country illegally, no sympathy from me.

  • Daniel M.
    4 days

    Keep up the good work officers

  • Dandy P.
    5 days

    Why don’t you vaccinate U.S. citizens for free first before worrying about non-citizens.