• Chalice K.
    14 hours

    When the American people look at you John Fitzgerald Kennedy they see who they want to become,but when they look at me they see who they are. Richard Nixon

  • Jari R.
    15 hours

    4moreyrs!! 👍👍

  • Edward J.
    15 hours

    Trump is so bitter & twisted the fool has tied himself in knots so he’s unable to act or answer in a positive manner He is severely one screwed up human being America what have you done ?

  • Art B.
    15 hours

    BULLY !!!!!

  • Huee L.
    16 hours


  • Suzanne K.
    17 hours

    I am begging (!) the American people to use their vote and put an end to this... I am just stunned, mortified, appalled, sickened, insulted, saddened, outraged.. by this person... and I can’t but hope hope hope that he won’t be re-elected... please... please..

  • Aleksander J.
    17 hours


  • Lisa G.
    17 hours


  • Heather C.
    17 hours

    What s f***""g idiot he is

  • Loke K.
    19 hours

    So arrogant

  • Praful P.
    20 hours

    Fox, media want to control the world 🌎 , & this crazy man knows how to treat them , one time media was doing BS , this time this guy has turn , let him kill media , they r fake everybody knows

  • JinHo T.
    21 hours

    Listen to things he wants to hear, and ignore others not to his likings

  • Lorraine G.
    a day

    FAKE! he's talking about him self!

  • Mark D.
    a day

    I bet they don't have a lower viewer rating.... I bet their ratings went through the roof 😂

  • Felipe C.
    a day

    realmente no soporto a este sujeto

  • Dale T.
    a day

    I Hate this man !

  • Tooindra S.
    a day

    What an idiot, no class,the most degrading man don't fit the character to be a president!!👎👎👎

  • Teresa R.
    a day

    When he doesn't like the question it's fake news

  • Jignesh G.
    a day

    He is over and he must go. I feel that even his supporters have started feeling this by now after more than 100,000 deaths. Nobody can deny the fact that this number would have been quite low if he had acted on time.

  • Sam M.
    a day

    Didn’t think this moron could read! I think he is just mimicking!