• Shiloah A.
    07/31/2017 16:01

    But people still want to have swarms of children while consuming more, wasting more all while being self righteous about it.

  • Anthony T.
    07/31/2017 16:24

    If food stamps and welfare didn't exist to help people with kids we probably wouldn't have this problem

  • Alex O.
    07/31/2017 16:32

    Take the concrete off the earth thats covering it! You stupid ass people should think about reforestation. Also why are white people talking about the world's problems since they're the actual cause of those problems? Fucking hypocrites. 😒

  • Javary M.
    07/31/2017 16:35

    And how do we know this? Do we have a meter on "natural resources" and we're watching the line drop? Or are you just exhaturating to scare people?

  • Amber G.
    07/31/2017 16:35

    Yeah, totally blame the kids and not the adults who consume double of what they actually need. If we're going solely based off of food, I've never seen a child plan a Superbowl party with enough snacks, sides, and meats to last a whole week in one sitting. I've NEVER seen a child eat a hamburger big enough to feed 5 people just to get their picture put on some stupid wall. I've never seen a child waste a whole tank of gas just because they can. I've never seen a child demand paper plates because they just don't feel like washing dishes that day. Yes, we should save the defenseless children and rid the planet of the crappy "adults" who just want to place blame and not actually contribute. I think that could help to even out the over population problem.

  • Geri A.
    07/31/2017 16:39


  • Jose R.
    07/31/2017 16:50

    Ok so I guess I won't eat on my birthday 😔

  • Drew T.
    07/31/2017 16:59

    Ok stfu this stupid

  • Thomas H.
    07/31/2017 17:02

    FADE AWAY I got a new blow dryer and a colour TV so many bombs that I could boil the sea radiate and mutate, it don’t mean a thing to me I got a lot of faith in the technology take a bag of chemicals and package it to please stuff it up your supermarket fantasies all takes place with such convenience and ease toss all the wrappers in the wine dark sea I wonder will the sea remember it’s ease wonder will the sky remember birds and bees wonder will the stone remember ecstasy wonder will the dust remember you and me I guess it’s a little too early to mourn and I know that it’s much too late to warn and the politician’s face just twists with scorn and black oil gushes on the golden dawn Life is gonna call us all home again big wind blowing and burning rain we can’t believe it till we feel the pain never gonna walk sweet earth again Though my mothers tears might fall she’ll smile and take us after all, long enduring as we slowly fade away and all our kind and kin will never walk this path again she will take us, we will slowly fade away

  • Rocio G.
    07/31/2017 17:03

    well this is worrisome😔

  • Josh B.
    07/31/2017 17:25

    Make it twice a year?

  • Luis V.
    07/31/2017 17:54

    Ww3 population control

  • Josh B.
    07/31/2017 18:27

    What kind of stupidity is this? How can we use more of the natural resources than we have if there are still resources left over? Who decided on this budget? Was it the same people who said all the polar bears would be extinct by a couple years ago?

  • Raphael O.
    07/31/2017 18:30

    We only have like 15-20 years of Raw Gold ore left on this earth.

  • Ashley B.
    07/31/2017 18:45

    ....so maybe a 2kid limit should be implemented. I'd actually vote for 1 kid maximums until the earth can rebalance but that might actually be too difficult for the small greedy brains that live on this planet 😐 you fucks are leaving nothing for your children's children and so forth.

  • Bree K.
    07/31/2017 18:45

    Purge anyone?? 😂😂 Jk jk

  • Cody C.
    07/31/2017 18:47

    Maybe bring back natural selection?

  • Josh S.
    07/31/2017 18:50

    Who makes this crap up?

  • Edwina L.
    07/31/2017 19:06

    I wish BRUT would find someone who spells in English.

  • Ryan U.
    07/31/2017 19:14

    Hey, maybe instead of freaking out about it, we should take a second to consider that this is probably a complicated topic that had to be dumbed down for the sake of a 2 minute video. They aren't saying that it's possible to use more resources than can be found on earth...because it's not. They're probably trying to say that the amount of natural resources humans consume has exceeded the amount that the earth can produce in a year and that we have been surviving by using resources that had previously been stored. I didn't understand what this video was trying to say either but a few minutes of google searching answered most of my questions. If you also found this video confusing I suggest you start here:http://www.overshootday.org/newsroom/past-earth-overshoot-days/ It's a good place to start but there's defiantly more information out there. There are people writing dissertations about this, so I would caution against assuming you know everything after watching a two minute video.