• Greg R.
    08/02/2017 15:45

    The planet does have a carrying capacity, which means that there really is a finite amount of resources that can be provided for us. God help us all when that day truly comes.

  • Christine J.
    08/02/2017 03:41

    Shame on Humanity as a whole. How little do we treasure what this Earth has provided us. Maybe just maybe We the People can salvage enough for our troubles. Although one must realize he negative mindset that presides this endeavor. There will be more loss than we want to admit and the likelihood of seeing our efforts fulfilled is unknown,but we must try at least so those in the times to come may have what we were willing to forfeit. It's time we give thought and deed to work. Let's Go PEACE

  • Mariah M.
    08/02/2017 03:17

    Rob Horton

  • Mike R.
    08/02/2017 01:07

    "wether" nice spelling.

  • Victoria H.
    08/01/2017 23:07

    usually these studies are on going observations through many years of observational studies. These studies are painstaking and matiquesly being run by people who are specialize in this.

  • Victoria H.
    08/01/2017 20:33

    BUT God promises he will return earth to its original paradisic condition. He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth and clean up this world. And God does not lie. He keeps his peomise.

  • Kayla C.
    08/01/2017 19:17


  • Brett L.
    08/01/2017 19:12

    whole thing sam

  • Ashley V.
    08/01/2017 18:21

    I feel were all fucked the worlds gonna die and we're all gonna start over with the circle of life

  • Chris W.
    08/01/2017 17:43

    Does this factor in people's home gardens and pea plots? Donations? Community harvesting?

  • Francisco R.
    08/01/2017 17:24

    Lol and we probaby won't stop anytime soon.

  • Rito C.
    08/01/2017 17:23

    It's all based on percentages. So perhaps this year at that date they gave we will use what we did last year. That's the comparison I believe.

  • Alessandro B.
    08/01/2017 15:02

    What s the calculation to get these figures .. very curious to learn this methodology, so I can ration myself better throughout the year 🤣

  • Lynda R.
    08/01/2017 14:49

    is this true?

  • Juan C.
    08/01/2017 14:47

    What we really need is more babies, more pets, more luxury, more dumb comments 😂

  • Benjamin B.
    08/01/2017 14:23

    Humans suck.

  • Cheryl H.
    08/01/2017 13:58

    This is a world without end. Get a Life and tell the Truth, better Yet KNOW the Truth!

  • Cheryl H.
    08/01/2017 13:55


  • Nicole A.
    08/01/2017 13:30

    Whats the song

  • Evan G.
    08/01/2017 13:01

    Maybe the Rothchilds have used up their allotments but the rest of us got plenty left...

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