Ex-con cooks up tasty ramen

Chow down! This ex-con knows a little about un-nutritious prison food — that's why he created his own tasty brand of ramen for inmates. 🍜😋

08/27/2018 7:01 PM


  • Tyler C.
    10/01/2021 22:58

    My hands and feet would swell up from so much from the sodium but it was that or feel like your statvi.g then cantseep

  • Jay P.
    08/29/2021 02:31

    Nobody in prison puts the entire seasoning pack in anyway. Besides, no one is starving because they didn't have a ramen noodle. Buddy is hella extra'd out.

  • Devon W.
    04/29/2020 06:02

    DO NOT order from this company. Their old social media Mama Pat's Foods is full of people (myself included) that ordered noodles from them as late as July 2019 and have YET to receive their orders. Then they bought a food truck with our money and started new socials. Wild. Save your money!

  • Danni R.
    08/30/2019 14:25

    I see ppl saying stay out of jail but it’s innocent people in jail too 🥵 sorry that’s like as a poc. I love this idea tbh. I hate that they keep calling this man an ex-con tho.

  • Mark W.
    08/28/2019 16:14

    Stay out of jail and you dont have to worry about missing home?

  • Jennifer C.
    08/28/2019 15:54

    Anthony Costello what?! How cool

  • Ramchandar P.
    08/27/2019 08:16


  • Ellie S.
    08/27/2019 01:54

    So don’t go to jail 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Brian L.
    08/25/2019 19:55

    Give them bread and water.

  • Taco S.
    08/24/2019 16:25

    Yup and it's dope

  • Sabby S.
    08/24/2019 15:44

    is this the company you were talking about?

  • Anke P.
    08/24/2019 07:21

    Eben with les sodium- that's not healthy at all! 100% carbs, no vitamins... Causes diabetes and so on

  • Mel S.
    08/23/2019 22:28

    Ok brad ... So easy for you to not type that smh

  • Samuel W.
    08/23/2019 20:08

    Lol okay brad.

  • Brad J.
    08/23/2019 19:15

    Don't go to jail there is always that option as well

  • Wendy H.
    08/23/2019 18:09

    Why are prisoners given rubbish food filled with salt? They must be constantly thirsty apart from anything else.

  • Josh W.
    08/23/2019 16:18

    Ramen has almost NO nutritional value whatsoever.... It's just a bunch of carbs. no vitamins, no nutrients, nothing to keep you healthy. it'll keep you alive, but it's not healthy in any capacity. lowering the sodium is a good thing, but it's still not a healthy option. what he needs to do next is to add vitamins and minerals to his product if he is concerned about their health and safety.

  • David P.
    08/23/2019 15:44

    Good luck!

  • Lashonta M.
    07/16/2019 11:54

    I love this idea but I’m from miami and most people I knew locked up and has been sent to different states to prison comes out healthy with zero body fat all muscles. So even in prison you still have to exercise and be active to prevent obesity.

  • Derek V.
    05/29/2019 04:06

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