Fighting Hate by Sharing Immigrants’ Stories

He was tired of hearing xenophobic rhetoric against immigrants — so he created an online archive of their stories to combat hate. ✍️

Fighting Hate by Sharing Immigrant's Stories

Tony Hernandez started an online archive of immigrant stories to fight misinformation and xenophobia. The Immigrant Archive Project’s mission is to record, archive and distribute the heritage stories of immigrants in the United States in order to help everyone understand the immigrant experience and its vital contribution to American society. Their growing archive will ensure that the faces and voices of immigrants are seen and heard, not only collectively, but individually, and in so doing, will teach the world to connect with immigrants on fundamentally human and moral terms while fighting for your rights through activism.

As immigrants themselves, Tony and his partner Gustavo are well aware of the contributions made and challenges faced by immigrants in America. In 2008, they saw the necessity to humanize the polarized issue of immigration through sharing stories that open hearts and minds.As business partners for over 20 years and experienced radio and television executives, they had the skills and resources to bring the power of these stories to the public. At first, they recorded the stories of friends and family members and eventually began a nation-wide effort to document stories.

They have had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of immigrants from all walks of life and find a common thread among the immigrants who share their stories. Regardless of where they are born, the great majority are hardworking people with a burning desire to succeed and provide for their families. They truly embody the American spirit, and collectively, theirs is the quintessential American story. The Immigrant Archive Project has over 2,000 hours of content of immigrants, and their children, sharing their stories.

Hernandez has interviewed people from all walks of life, ranging from Farmworkers Carlos La Lama. He sees the archive for immigration as more relevant than ever.


06/02/2019 6:00 PM


  • Susie C.
    07/06/2019 19:17

    Thank you for having me be part of this, . Means so much more today.

  • Brut
    06/04/2019 22:30

    Learn more about the Immigrant Archive Project here:

  • Kevin F.
    06/04/2019 00:52


  • Tony H.
    06/04/2019 00:50

    Thank you for highlighting the work of the Immigrant Archive Project. We appreciate it tremendously!

  • Victor P.
    06/03/2019 22:39

    and the are truly an inspiration to those who have benefited from the selfless sacrifice made by immigrants.

  • Brut
    06/03/2019 14:08

    John Oliver recently spoke to Brut about what America gets wrong about immigration.

  • Phillip H.
    06/03/2019 12:46

    A great concept, too bad those most need to watch this won't.

  • Brian S.
    06/03/2019 07:45

    This is stupid. Nobody is against immigrants. People that cross the boarder illegally are not immigrants, they're invaders

  • Christopher C.
    06/03/2019 03:58

    Don't forget helping feed America!Alot of immigrants are working jobs that are beneath alot of American citizens!!!

  • Robert K.
    06/03/2019 01:57

    I am an immigrant, I served 13 years in the Army. Legal immigration is the only way to go. I worked and educated myself and am now retired. Illegal immigration is a problem, with laws as they are today illegal immigrants sponge off the people that work hard. Illegal immigrants take jobs that Americans are willing to do and for a lower wage. Illegal immigrants use forged papers to acquire work. For example with one social security number that is stolen, hundreds of illegals use that number. They can never draw social security as the actual owner of the number will draw the paid in benefits. They come in to America with diseases that go unchecked and spread them. You hear about this every day on the news. Legal yes, illegal no.

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