Fighting the coronavirus around the world

From Singapore to Italy, from France to the U.S., the coronavirus has rattled countries globally. Here are the varied ways they're combatting the pandemic.

The fight against the coronavirus crisis

In China…

The city of Wuhan was sealed off on January 23, 2020 after the virus was first detected there in late December 2019. Travel restrictions were imposed on nearly half of the population. 60 million people were quarantined under strict monitoring from authorities. On March 10, 2020, president Xi Jinping toured Wuhan as the number of reported new cases dropped to the single digits.

In Singapore…

After being hit by the SARS and H1N1 epidemics years ago, the country revised its public health policies. A task force was charged with tracking down all the contacts of those infected. The government has also stepped in to pay self-employed people $73 dollars a day, and employers are prohibited from detracting quarantine days from annual leave.

In South Korea…

Once the first coronavirus cases started appearing in late January, widespread testing was soon put in place. Between 12,000 and 20,000 tests are conducted on average every day. Rep. Carolyn Maloney shared, “South Korea tested more than 66,000 people with just one within just one week of its first case of community transmission. South Korea has now tested more than 196,000 people. But we are not anywhere close to that. They started conducting drive through testing, but people here in the United States can't even get tested by their own doctors.” The government pays for tests for people with symptoms and set up 50 drive-through clinics.

In Italy…

In mid-February, Italy only had a handful of cases. But quickly, the country had the highest amount of cases and deaths outside of China, overwhelming Italy’s health system. On March 9, all of Italy 60 million people were put under quarantine until at least April 3. Some residents tried to stay cheerful. Museums, cinemas, universities, and schools are closed. Bars and restaurants must close at 6 p.m. Travel between cities is authorized only for work, health, or emergency purposes.

In France…

In a TV address, the French president also called for people to work from home and for older people to limit interactions. President Macron stated, “Until further notice, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, high schools and universities will be closed for one simple reason — our children and young people, according to scientists, are the ones who transmit the virus, it seems, the most rapidly, although children sometimes don't show symptoms.” France will also pay the salaries of people forced out of work. On March 13, gatherings of over 100 people were banned. Restaurants, cinemas, and bars also closed on March 14. France is also controlling the distribution of masks and has capped the price of hand sanitizer.

In the U.K…

As of March 15, Britain had not introduced “social distancing” measures adopted by neighboring nations, instead opting for “herd immunity.” Brits are being urged to wash hands frequently and asked to stay home for a week if they have mild symptoms.

In the U.S…

The president has taken steps to limit travel from China to Iran to Europe. But the government’s slow response, along with its low number of virus tests compared to other countries, has been criticized. In 2018, the Trump administration had fired the entire U.S. pandemic response team. On January 29, the president announced the creation of a task force led by Vice President Mike Pence. Meanwhile, lawmakers initially struggled to agree on national measures like paid sick leave or free coronavirus testing. Meanwhile, universities are moving to online classes. In some cities, social distancing is encouraged and large gatherings are banned. On March 13, President Trump declared the coronavirus a national emergency.


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    The virus was discovered is November no one knew about it until late December early January

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    Here in the USA people very stuped, they dont getting serious, more poeple will died bc dont listen

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    04/29/2020 22:17

    WARS- Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome

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    04/29/2020 14:54

    why aren’t they doing these here in the USA

  • Perry B.
    04/29/2020 12:20

    All of you just remember. When China’s leader told the world “don’t worry this virus is under control and won’t spread” what happened days later? They suppressed information within their country and the repercussions and hitting big. Wake up people

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    04/29/2020 12:13

    Should of followed Sweden

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    04/29/2020 05:28

    China is never to be trusted.

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    The whole world should start sending china pandemic bills, US already has $3 trillion on the tap, china, pay up, now.

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    China started this pandemic. If they were able to contain their virus when the whistle blower identified it couldn’t have spread it to the world but they tried to hide it 🤨

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    CHAINA virus

  • Corona B.
    04/26/2020 17:41

    use plastic cover like mosquito net to stop corona spread from patients to doctor.common people Pls use corona preventive full body length umbrellas it will stop at least 30 percent of spread and save lives. Every one is allowing that virus few inches to their bodies and then it is automatically attacking them. By using this type of umbrellas first of all one can stop virus 1 to 2 feet away from their body. Another benefit of using these one will automatically maintain physical distance and no need to lock ourselves inside a house .this type of umbrella acts as moving hut (protection). Corona virus is aerosol . If an umbrella can protect from heavy rain why can't we human use the same for stopping that aerosal infections .think you have to use your full t shirt as mask and knot those sleeves as rope . I think it will filter the air you are breathing. I think we are not filtering the air with these kinds of masks . In this panic situation u have to rely on yourself . T shirt gsm is 180 where as mask GSM is below 100 GSM. As we are going to use 2 layers putting on our nose it will become 360 gsm mask and mouse there is no chance of breathing unfiltered air. And u are safe

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