First Muslim To Golf in College While Wearing Hijab

She’s believed to be the first Muslim to golf in college while observing the hijab — and she has opinions on representation in the sport.

04/14/2019 10:21 AM
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  • David T.
    04/14/2019 10:22

    Do ya thing girl!!

  • Casanova W.
    04/14/2019 10:27

    God bless you. Keep doing what you love.

  • Ahmet A.
    04/14/2019 10:32

  • صفاء ا.
    04/14/2019 10:40

    Why Americans hate Muslims

  • Marco A.
    04/14/2019 10:45

    luckily this girl experienced of what freedom is, some muslim girls are not lucky to be more expressive than her.

  • احمد س.
    04/14/2019 11:06

    Actually thisis not real hijab , she just wear something on her head , any muslim will understand what i mean ..

  • David O.
    04/14/2019 11:22

    Go girl go

  • Santosh K.
    04/14/2019 12:06

    She appears religious fundamentalist and thinks what primitive men of her religion have set for women is right

  • Phillip G.
    04/14/2019 13:04

    And your people are cowards too! Islam ☪️ is a joke! Your people kill Christians !Jews !homosexuals! Yes I hope you get yours !

  • Mohammad H.
    04/14/2019 14:23

    @Santosh. If you are against her freedom to choose what to wear, then you are what you blame. Just relax and use your brain. I'm not defending any religion here in any shape or form. Women have a right to refuse to fit into the expectations of certain culture of belief system. That's fanaticism too.

  • Neel P.
    04/14/2019 15:52

    If you don't like then go back to middle east and wear whatever hideous black clothes you want and claim that it's "liberating" you and is a "choice"

  • Lynne E.
    04/14/2019 16:49

    Brava! Be happy, do what you love❤

  • Kcin K.
    04/14/2019 16:53

    Wow. Very newsworthy 🤦‍♂️

  • Imtiyaz A.
    04/14/2019 17:17

    👍 👍 👍

  • Hassan Z.
    04/14/2019 18:09

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  • Linda L.
    04/14/2019 23:48

    You go girl!!!😄

  • Mostafa J.
    04/14/2019 23:49

    Welcome to the new world.

  • Robin J.
    04/15/2019 03:01

    Take that head thing off!

  • فاطمة ع.
    04/15/2019 04:01

    why is this a big deal ?? she is playing golf with all rules and yeah with hands not with her scarf😐..no1 ever criticises nuns for covering head when Muslim women do t becomes a problem...probelm is not this head scarf but ppls mind🙄🙄🙄

  • Ben K.
    04/15/2019 04:38

    I call bulshit you just wanting to play the victim card