Former ISIS Slave Receives Nobel Peace Prize

Sold into sex slavery by ISIS, she became an advocate for survivors after escaping. Now, Nadia Murad is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

10/05/2018 11:01 PM
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  • Mona G.
    10/05/2018 23:05

    This is real sexual violence. What Dr Ford supposedly experienced was mud wrestling.

  • Joanne L.
    10/05/2018 23:12

    Because they only vote party line instead of the best interest of the citizens who they're supposed to represent.

  • Frederick G.
    10/05/2018 23:55

    This is monstrous.

  • JJ A.
    10/06/2018 00:02

    @Brut 👍🙏Bravo this is excellent But it needs a major correction. Yazidi is an ancient noble faith of the Kurdish nation. Nadia is a Kurdish Yazidi. Here, she speaks Kurdish (Like many Kurds, she can also speak Arabic, the language of Iraqi govetment occupier.) Brave Nadia is from Sinjar, a Kurdish name town in Kurdistan, the ancient country of 45-50 million Kurds, forcibly divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. She is not an Iraqi not from Iraq. Iraq is south of Kurdistan. Iraq is a 1928 British concoction where they installed a king they brought over from Saudi Arabia sheikhdom. Wikipedia or Google it! #NadiaMorad #Yazidi #Sinjar #Kurdish #Kurdistan #Iraq #Brut

  • Wela W.
    10/06/2018 00:12

    Brave woman😢

  • Sheetal B.
    10/06/2018 02:07

    Such people are the real inspiration..

  • Freddy N.
    10/06/2018 02:16

    La hipocresia capitalista USA y sus aliafos alimenta al ISIS luego otorga un premio de consuelo a una de los millones de victimas.... premio nobel??? Pura mierda!!!

  • Françoise A.
    10/06/2018 06:59

    You really deserve this price Madame, congratulations for what you say and what you fight.

  • Уляна С.
    10/06/2018 07:04

    Those who funded Daesh must be exposed and jailed especially from the Gulf and Saudi who have exported extremism for decades now and the US and UK lies that facilitated the existence of Daesh in the invasion of Iraq.

  • Saba I.
    10/06/2018 08:39

    Brave ppl like her are the hope for humanity and peace❤❤ #Love 🇵🇰

  • Jim L.
    10/06/2018 13:15

    I truely believe all Hollywood actors that hate America should go live in this'll be safe...promise...

  • Alan J.
    10/06/2018 13:44

    Where are the comments from the left Wing ?

  • Mel O.
    10/06/2018 14:30

    If anyone thinks this is a new phenomenon in islam, think again. This is how islam started. Invading other lands, killing ALL the adult males, enslaving the rest of the males and taking ALL the females, including infants into sex slavery. What isis has done is 100% according to religious instructions prescribed in quran per mohamad. This happened wherever islam went and the faith of people were the same.

  • Meaghan M.
    10/06/2018 15:50


  • Zevi D.
    10/06/2018 16:58

    Half a milon women are transford to the u.s every year, for the porn and prstitot busines.

  • Marina R.
    10/06/2018 20:06

    USA 911 inside job and the creation of the ISIS

  • Aya H.
    10/06/2018 21:18

    wtf it popped up on my timeline

  • Ahmed A.
    10/07/2018 02:42

    لاتنسو فضل الله والحشد الشعبي المقدس والقوات الأمنية التي ضحت من أجل تحرير الناس من بطش داعش الإرهابي

  • Guylaine J.
    10/07/2018 03:14

    Amazing lady.

  • June R.
    10/07/2018 05:03

    She is real heroine. She deserves the more than Malahlah