Getting chemicals out of our tampons

"It's time to really look at what we're putting inside us." This actress has launched a new line of feminine hygiene products that are better for the earth — and for its users.

04/18/2018 1:27 PMupdated: 11/05/2019 4:10 PM
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  • Mamadou C.
    05/28/2018 05:18

    Super woman so nice

  • Scott P.
    05/07/2018 14:23

    Sure, way, way better to look inside like millennia after poking than to bother about doing such investigation before a poke.

  • Hamilla S.
    04/23/2018 14:18

    There’s organic ones at Target, not sure if it’s better for the environment but it’s definitely better for you and you don’t have to use this.

  • Nurul Y.
    04/23/2018 10:30

    What is the product actually?

  • Viviana A.
    04/23/2018 05:20


  • Taylor F.
    04/22/2018 06:58

    I was hoping this wasn’t a diva cup

  • Kelsey A.
    04/22/2018 04:13


  • María F.
    04/22/2018 01:40


  • Ona J.
    04/22/2018 00:31

    Ridiculous... No information, no options, a disease... Outdated!

  • Daryn D.
    04/21/2018 21:53

    they be the devil I tell ya

  • Fatima Z.
    04/21/2018 21:49


  • Donita L.
    04/21/2018 17:48

    curious. is there sizes of cups available? what if you have a heavy period? how does it feels like when you use it?

  • Narjis M.
    04/21/2018 10:37

    Wtf no one in iran think period is a disease haha it is a beautiful amazing country not retarded like u think it is , the only problem they have is that wearing a hejub is mandatory

  • Fariha I.
    04/21/2018 10:35

    I would rather use pads and damage the environment with waste than holding a silicon cup in my vg.

  • Nacer C.
    04/21/2018 00:05

    This was weird.. I regret watching

  • Armando S.
    04/20/2018 21:00


  • Ammar M.
    04/20/2018 15:29

    Baaki sub ignore ker dekh full brazil k ricardo kaka k shikal ki hai 😂

  • Romer W.
    04/20/2018 11:14

    My cup runneth

  • Ruby Y.
    04/20/2018 11:09

    that is impossible to be use. what upside down condom a blood trapper or catcher? i dont think so.

  • Shahid U.
    04/20/2018 11:06

    Is she sister of Justin Baeber?