Greta Thunberg's testimony to Congress on Earth Day

"You get away with it now, but sooner or later, people are going to realize what you have been doing all this time." Climate activist Greta Thunberg had a clear message for congressional leaders on Earth Day.

04/22/2021 6:52 PM


  • Heather B.
    06/11/2021 13:46

    I can't with this girl đŸ€Šâ€â™€ïž spoiled brat at it's finest!

  • Chris S.
    05/04/2021 02:20

    China is the leading cause of carbon emissions.

  • Chris S.
    05/04/2021 02:20

    Shut your mouth

  • Gerry D.
    04/27/2021 11:06

    She’s a spoiled brat. Her parents had no knowledge of raising a kid, most likely because they were too busy in their high profile jobs. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, now go away.

  • Jeroen G.
    04/26/2021 22:07

    Did your parents tell you to make another video?

  • Ralph S.
    04/26/2021 16:35

    Plant more trees, reduce fossil fuels but not completely, then it will balance out eventually because all plants breath carbon dioxide. I’ll be dead to care anyway lmao. Some go fund me this is lmaoooooo

  • Mike's P.
    04/26/2021 02:55

    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view and by trying to make it objectified and by considering each and everyone's valid opinions, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say

  • Kathleen W.
    04/25/2021 18:24

    What an idiot

  • Dakis B.
    04/25/2021 17:17

    Anti-fascist Greta. NWO Puppet !

  • Sudesh M.
    04/25/2021 07:46

    Greta, you are nothing but 1000% right! Will it not be better just to dieect or tell the action (actions) however small or big it may be to the masses? Strength of your passion has created limitless awakening & the desire to do some thing in every mide! This is the time to assign the actions according

  • Kay M.
    04/25/2021 07:10

    Fir all if you having a go at this young person, you should be ashamed. As adults you guide the young ones not degrade them. No wonder they feel they have to do this on their own, look at you all, disgraceful

  • Kay M.
    04/25/2021 07:07

    Greta gorgeous girl, you are way too young to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Please take time to live your young life. For sure, let your feelings be known but it’s up to us to do this, we owe it to you and all young people

  • Lordy L.
    04/25/2021 05:44

    Good Advocacy is Fine but dont put political agenda that's a No No No

  • Dr Z.
    04/25/2021 03:23

    Climate crisis is a reality

  • Dr Z.
    04/25/2021 03:20

    Great message

  • Levani L.
    04/25/2021 03:15

    Come down from the clouds on the erth greta

  • Santiago M.
    04/25/2021 03:11

    Wonderful information 👌 will greedy irresponsible politicians do anything really tangible or are they going to continue with lots of words and no action???

  • Decky P.
    04/24/2021 23:24

    Capitalism creates These effects, with Innovation as the main excuse😬😉

  • Joel F.
    04/24/2021 21:15

    Bro you think I was the only one too rip her She should be a kid

  • Morris P.
    04/24/2021 19:22

    Exactly! and mother earth is now on the warpath and humans will realize where they Reside .