Grieving daughter's powerful message to New Zealand mosque shooter at sentencing

"You're a coward. Those who fight with guns: cowards." Her father was killed in the New Zealand mosques shootings. Listen to Sara Qasem's powerful words at the sentencing hearing of her father's murderer, who received life in prison.

08/27/2020 12:02 PMupdated: 08/27/2020 12:05 PM


  • Elizabeth T.
    03/17/2021 14:06

    I’m what exactly do the guns have to do with it? As if crazy radical terrorists could find no other way to kill innocent people. It’s the terrorists that are the problem, not the guns. They could have done the same amount of damage with large knives.

  • Toon E.
    03/16/2021 19:02


  • David R.
    03/16/2021 06:59

    So SORRY 4 UR LOSS💞🙏💞

  • Vikramjeet S.
    03/16/2021 02:21

    I just watched b'coz she is cute

  • Aziz G.
    03/16/2021 00:57

    Move on ya chkopi

  • Delta R.
    03/16/2021 00:40

    Sorry for your loss, but guns do not kill people do, anyone could kill a person, regardless...

  • Edgar T.
    03/15/2021 18:37

    I would maybe listen to Brut if they every did this for Israel but they don’t.

  • Richard P.
    03/15/2021 17:43

    sorry for her loss but no those who fight with guns are not cowards.. those who commit atrocities with guns are cowards...

  • Zazaky P.
    03/15/2021 17:20

    Don't worry God's help is near

  • Robert P.
    03/15/2021 16:41

    I guess a social worker could have prevented her tragedy

  • Scott M.
    03/15/2021 16:38

    Brut only shared this story to help fuel gun control. They don’t actually care about this lady or her family. Let us also realize that in the last century, 100 million civilians have been murdered by their own governments, and it happened to them because they were unarmed and unable to defend themselves.

  • Muna M.
    03/15/2021 16:28

    So powerful love wins, May the beautiful souls continue to Rest In Peace and in Janatul Firdaus.

  • Khalil M.
    03/15/2021 16:24

    Drama 🎭

  • Ongeli M.
    03/15/2021 16:15

    That was so powerful and heartbreaking , praying for their family and their country ❤️

  • Salim N.
    09/06/2020 02:06

    Alahumasaleieaalah mohemed waalmuhsmed

  • Salim N.
    09/06/2020 02:03

    Well said !

  • Mina K.
    09/02/2020 19:07 The reality of

  • J F.
    09/01/2020 22:21

    put Kyle Rottenhouse on notice... his momma and him are gonna get an earful in court.

  • Lucy B.
    08/30/2020 11:54

    , please watch this xxx

  • Bnar S.
    08/29/2020 18:57

    Amazing speech, heart breaking 😔😔😔😔

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