Hippopotamuses feces are extremely important for life on Earth

A decline in their population could disrupt the whole food chain and the production of oxygen on Earth. Here is why the droppings of hippopotamuses are so important for the environment.

06/28/2019 6:36 AM


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  • David A.
    06/09/2020 14:49

    That's a tortoise, not a turtle

  • Julius K.
    06/05/2020 21:28


  • Anandakumar B.
    06/05/2020 07:02

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  • Han J.
    06/04/2020 06:36

    Gavin Davidson

  • Michael S.
    06/04/2020 05:50


  • John Q.
    06/04/2020 01:24

    The entire human food supply chain depends on hippos. Yep. 😂😂😂

  • Deborah G.
    06/04/2020 00:24

    to give you something else to think about today

  • Derek W.
    06/03/2020 18:46

    Hollie Bernadette Allen just so you know....

  • Lindsey E.
    04/27/2020 04:07

    Hippopotamus feces seem to contribute to a lot of things that are so called beneficial to the environment, so tell me, how do the greedy U S American try to market hippopotamus feces, since they will try to market anything of value. Great photography.

  • Lene V.
    09/15/2019 07:59

    😂 hippidromen!

  • Nikki S.
    09/15/2019 01:25

    We can't let these guys be extinct there to important for the earth

  • Flora R.
    09/14/2019 03:00

    Amazing beautiful creature 😍 thank you 😊 awe for all animals they give soooo much

  • Marjohn D.
    09/13/2019 20:03


  • Aant L.
    08/22/2019 16:06

    The way they wipe their ass is lovely...😅

  • Safir A.
    07/28/2019 10:41

    Seas are providing our oxygen out planet needed a lot of oxygen

  • Yanie R.
    07/27/2019 19:45

    Liz Hodgson

  • Ruzica M.
    07/06/2019 20:11

    How fragile we are!

  • Sharon B.
    07/02/2019 16:36

    Jake Scholl

  • Clare N.
    07/01/2019 18:42

    . Beginning of this video reminds me of you đŸ€«đŸ˜ł

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