Holocaust survivor shares memories from Auschwitz

“They couldn’t kill us because their time ran out, not the gas.” With her great-grandson, Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert shares her memories from Auschwitz on TikTok, so we never forget ...

09/07/2021 4:58 PM


  • Trishia S.
    10/01/2021 15:57

    I'm gonna have to look for this book 📖

  • Kristina T.
    09/30/2021 20:35


  • Mohammad A.
    09/16/2021 07:15

    And now she herself along with the apartheid state, is doing same terrible thing for Palestinians. How shameful

  • Andrew M.
    09/16/2021 04:39

    and today Israel knowingly helps a fascist lover of Hitler spy on citizens when detention camps are already set up to segregate second class citizens!

  • Amrita G.
    09/14/2021 17:59

    I don't know why we skipped this in school.

  • Jaggat S.
    09/14/2021 17:15

    We never forget the time innocents went through.

  • Ashiq I.
    09/14/2021 14:28

    It never starts with the killing, it's the voices. Spead love not hate.

  • Azhar O.
    09/14/2021 13:31

    Remains of them are miscreants on surface of earth now - Hell to IsraHell

  • Shamim
    09/14/2021 13:14

    The same centre is being built in India

  • Mk S.
    09/14/2021 08:58

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  • Md Q.
    09/14/2021 08:22

    Once a victim but now a oppressor. Palestine is not your land very soon Zionist will pack their bags. Insha Allah

  • Fatımah A.
    09/14/2021 01:29

    clearly hitler just influenced america and israel.gautanemo and palestine are examples of date. who cares abt the bohocaust 👀. thats not spreading awareness . thats giving everyone ideas 🙄

  • Vijaylakshmi N.
    09/14/2021 01:23

    Narendra Modi's supporters need to listen to this.. again and again.. till they get it !

  • Patricia G.
    09/14/2021 00:12

    And can you believe it, Iran says this did not happen. Are they idiots?

  • Mallika P.
    09/13/2021 18:12

    God bless her for her strength in talking about such tertible experiences for the sake of future

  • Jamin P.
    09/13/2021 17:49

    When i hear auschwitz- I remember the concentration camps of Viktor frankl-

  • Piyush C.
    09/13/2021 14:49

    Note the last line - it never starts with the killing, it's the voices. Indians need to learn from history

  • Abed A.
    09/13/2021 14:30

    Tell Israeli to learn from it

  • Rookmin B.
    09/13/2021 13:32

    No reason fir her to lie , unbelievable what took place then abd still a lot of us did not learn , we still have so much going on besides natural disasters and Covid which kills millions 🙏🙏🙏 no one should have to go through thst ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏we are all humans ! Why all this killings , ? Life is so short 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

  • Nabila Y.
    09/13/2021 12:54

    What about Holocast in vietnaam .in Iraq ,in Afghanistan .These innocent people were killed for no reason.just bcz weapon industry pressurised govt of USA to buy their product and product needs to be used somewhere So it is used in killing innocent people including kids of all ages

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