Hong Kong Protests Intensify

Dyed water blasted at demonstrators. Hundreds trapped inside a university. Fire and arrows. This is the situation in Hong Kong.

The protestors are also demanding an independent investigation

Protesters in Hong Kong have been using petrol bombs, bows & arrows, catapult blue dye to defend themselves against the tear gas and water cannons administered by the police. The clashes between police and protesters have intensified. Hundreds of demonstrators are trapped inside a university, besieged by the authorities and fearing a bloody crackdown. Those trying to escape have been tear gassed and arrested. The protestors want to show the whole world if the police forces collude with the triads, that means there will be no security, safety, for Hong Kong. The protestors are also demanding an independent investigation. They accuse the police of using excessive force and allowing Chinese triads to attack them.

In April, the Chinese government proposed an extradition bill that threatened Hong Kong's legal autonomy from the mainland. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, launching months of massive protests. There was a violent police crackdown. Today, just leaving Hong Kong is risky. Despite the danger, Beatrice and Andy said Hong Kongers were committed to fighting on. Hong Kong's government promised to withdraw the extradition bill, but many Hong Kongers remain skeptical. They say that anyone who cares about democracy should pay attention to what is happening in Hong Kong.

On November 18, some activists set fires to keep police out. Major roads were blocked, and a riot police vehicle was torched. Demonstrators hurled petrol bombs and bows and arrows to prevent police from entering the campus. Police have sent a warning to protesters. A few protesters managed to flee the siege by shimmying down a rope. Universities have become protest hot spots since the death of a student on November 8. The escalation comes amid months of protests against Beijing's encroachment on Hong Kong's autonomy and heavy use of force by police.


11/19/2019 1:04 AM
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  • Ricardo A.
    a day

    This looks like that scene in Akira.

  • Matt E.
    a day

    Protesting is not fighting

  • Tiger C.
    a day

    Imagine if those protesters had firearms

  • Brad V.
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  • Brian L.
    2 days

    Coming to America to exterminate the Democrat party hopefully.

  • Zach C.
    3 days

    And yall want the government to take away guns.. Lol

  • David M.
    3 days

    I’m so sorry. We in the US are trying to avoid that socialism that leads to communism as well. So sorry the socialists are in charge where you are. To much governmental control is bad for anyone.

  • Jeff W.
    3 days

    And they are fighting the same people that we are in the usa one world order we will be shooting more than arrows in the us

  • Nathan S.
    3 days

    Go drop them a crate or two full of rifles, you know, like Obama did for isis

  • Mike G.
    3 days

    "And the riot be the rhyme of the unheard."

  • Craig L.
    3 days

    I’m pretty sure the US is not too far from having the same type of issues

  • Carlton E.
    4 days

    Yet there are idiots in this country who want to bring socialism over here. Be careful what you wish for, Folks!

  • Josh P.
    4 days

    Bet they wished they had a constitution with a 2A😳😳😳

  • Thomas T.
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    Bring on the Anarchy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Omar G.
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    Yeap, america, hold on to the guns america. Look at these people defenseless.

  • Logan K.
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    I’ll tell you what they need. Guns.

  • Dustin B.
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    If only they had a second amendment

  • Melvin K.
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    Heads up people this is what the left wants for the USA

  • Matt L.
    4 days

    did you see any of this when you were there?