• Rick T.
    12/28/2018 01:40

    Throw the owners over

  • Jorin W.
    12/26/2018 21:27

    I guarantee the guy didn’t want his dogs to fall off a cliff you all calling for his death are ridiculous

  • Jorin W.
    12/26/2018 21:26

    Dogs being dogs

  • Joshua R.
    12/20/2018 18:07

    Why does he have dogs for hunting a deer anyways?

  • Charles T.
    12/12/2018 17:20

    Great hunting dogs and a great hunt

  • Jeff B.
    12/11/2018 18:53


  • Janna M.
    12/11/2018 06:48

    Wolves and dogs are a key balance to ecology. This is a shame.

  • Ralph V.
    12/10/2018 16:58

    They should ban such rocks. See what gun control brings.

  • Lilian L.
    12/07/2018 07:26

    We know who he is and where he leaves. The police investigating him.

  • David I.
    12/04/2018 03:15

    Hunting with dogs is a very old form of hunting ....who do u think tamed the wolf ? A hunter none of u bunch of soft cocks who wouldn't survive a week without a supermarket

  • Rostyslav S.
    12/03/2018 16:36

    I still do not understand hunting... what for ?

  • Guilherme N.
    12/03/2018 12:16

    Throw him off the cliff.

  • Carlos L.
    12/02/2018 18:35

    "Jack el guapo" That guy is Handsome Jack from the game Borderlands lol

  • Rod C.
    12/02/2018 10:59

    That's brutal.

  • Renee V.
    12/02/2018 08:40


  • Aesyanda H.
    12/02/2018 03:19


  • Francisco M.
    12/02/2018 02:49

    Dam gravity making the dogs fall! We should get gravity banned! Im heated 🔥

  • Cecily H.
    12/02/2018 01:03

    Horrific! Incredibly heartless and stupid. Too bad he didn't slip over the edge instead of his dogs.

  • Wassi W.
    12/02/2018 00:28

    Wtf he didnt push them off they fell it was an accident u ppl need to chill or dont u have nothing to do

  • Foe D.
    12/01/2018 22:42


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