In Italy, underwater sculptures to prevent overfishing

Meanwhile in Tuscany, Italy, these underwater sculptures are protecting marine life from overfishing…

11/20/2020 7:05 PM


  • Thomas M.
    01/27/2021 00:12

    Very smart.

  • Joshua L.
    11/24/2020 04:56


  • Lilian C.
    11/21/2020 16:31

    Cool inventions: environmentally friendly governments and environmental organizations can cut large blocks of basalt or granite with trauler net hostile features and install them on the sea floors in a pattern around the sensitive areas, where preserving biodiversity is essential to fighting negative consequences of entire regional ecosystem's frailty, all the while mapping those barriers and making their general positions public, and also signalling their presence in the region with buoys as well!

  • Jeremy T.
    11/21/2020 12:17

    Fantastic project!

  • PaRo G.
    11/21/2020 08:59

  • Vincent P.
    11/21/2020 03:36

    positive vibes

  • Chris A.
    11/21/2020 01:30

    These fine men and women of the sea exemplify the broad spectrum necessity for more people who find success in the richness of their particular craft, the artfulness of it, the pride of its history. More to the point, the sustainability of said craft, and the understanding that these finer points are more important than the inflated profits to be made from them. We cannot extract infinite wealth from this planet. Everything else on Earth works within the boundaries of natural cycles and it is high time we came to terms with this non-negotiable fact. There is no bargaining with finite resources. While it may seem that nature is always producing and it is all there for our consumption, it takes time for the production of all that we take from it. Often, these time tables are drawn out further than we are able to manage our patience and greed. As we have seen with extractive practices such as petroleum, natural gas, rare earth minerals, precious metals, etc, we cannot just take, and take, and take without any repercussions. Whether it be socially, morally, physically, or naturally we cannot, must not, treat our necessities as such. Food and water sustainability stems from conscientious management practices, not simply taking what we want when we want for the sake of a paycheck. May we continue to be blessed and the Earth have mercy on our souls.

  • Nivri A.
    11/20/2020 23:40

    Philippines ravaged by trawlers supported by corrupt government officials

  • Trevor L.
    11/20/2020 20:49

    Global warming strikes again

  • Leslie B.
    11/20/2020 20:24

    Glad to see that your doing something about it. Good for you❤

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