Interview with Agathe about her hearing dog

"He shows me how the world is, he gives me courage" This dog was trained to understand orders in sign language. His mission: to help Agathe on a daily basis. She explains why it changed her life.

10/06/2018 10:01 AMupdated: 06/19/2019 12:06 PM
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  • Lisanne L.
    01/30/2019 20:12

    deze hulphond reageert op gebaren! Mss een idee voor Sabou?

  • Ravindra H.
    01/29/2019 14:26


  • Janine S.
    01/28/2019 09:52

    U understand why I’m choosing to go into veterinary. I feel honoured!

  • Mary K.
    01/26/2019 22:24

    So intelligent and handsome. So wonderful for her independence.