Italian COVID-19 patient warns the world about the outbreak

"I want to do this video because too many people underestimate this damned coronavirus."

This is Gianni Zampino

“Hello everyone. Excuse the mask, but at the moment I can’t speak without it. I want to make this video because too many people underestimate this damned coronavirus. Personally, it has turned my life upside down over the last ten days.”

His story has shaken Italy

This account shared by an Italian man on social media, has shaken Italy. “Unfortunately, this virus has entered my body and has killed the most precious person in my life, my father. I, like many, underestimated this coronavirus. I thought it was a political ploy, a military ploy, a joke, and many other things.”, he shared. Gianni Zampino has agreed to tell his story on Brut to share his experience, and his remorse. He continued, “About a month ago, I started to get a fever, a dry cough. I didn’t really stay at home because I am the manager of a company that makes electric scooters and I only stayed at home a very little bit because I didn’t want to leave my teams. I thought it would be alright.”

Gianni made several round trips between Turin and Milan. That’s probably where he contracted coronavirus

“And then, I lived peacefully for a month. Until the head office in Milan called me and I had to go and spend a day there. I went there, everything was normal, I didn’t stop anywhere before arriving in Milan. It takes an hour to get there. I spent the day surrounded by my colleagues. On return, when I arrived home, around 8 p.m., I started to have chills… Saturday morning, when I got up, I felt unwell, and I passed out. I didn’t want to eat. And then, I started to have breathing difficulties, a high fever above 100.4°F, I was sweating a lot, and I had a dry cough that stopped me from sleeping.” When his brother got to the house and saw him in such a bad state, he immediately called the ambulance. After being in the hospital for ten days at this point, he can’t stress enough how much of a nightmare his situation has been.

Without knowing it, Gianni most probably contaminated his 76-year-old father

“In terms of my dad, I’m going to tell you the truth. I have a brother. I told him he absolutely shouldn’t tell me because deep down, I knew that if he tested positive for COVID-19, with his dialysis, he wouldn’t survive. So I did what I could to not find anything out, and one day, a message of condolences arrived for me. And then, I understood straight away. My dad and I, we had a wonderful relationship. It has been a year and a half that I lived with him. Since the death of my mother, I have looked after him. The hardest thing is to not have been able to help him at the end, to not have been able to go to his funeral, to not have been able to hold him in my arms. It’s horrible.”

Today, Gianni is urging all Europeans to respect the rules of confinement

“Before, what mattered most to me was to have fun. I was oblivious, and now, I realize that I have done nothing with my life, everything is meaningless. When events like this happen, you realize that.” Overall, he wants people to understand how important it is to help one another and how serious this virus is.


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    Basically your lungs turn to glass the inhale gas forms into a powdery crystal glass all over your lungs

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    Bonne guérison !

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    Hope you recover fully italy is in our thought and prayers 🙏

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    please watch this (his dad had dialysis) 🥺 be careful you can get a stay home order because of his health

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    So did he get it twice?

  • Helen B.
    03/26/2020 15:25

    Its sad he had to find out the hard way, and its sad that he will know all his life he probably infected his father snd it was a death sentence,I hope when at last they get this virus undr control, he can move on and find s measure of peace

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    Very sad

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    Get well soon...

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    He probably spread it to others too

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery. May God bless and take care of you.

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    China is not a friend they want to kill us....

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    So sad, condolences to you xxx

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    Please get well soon. Bless you. Looking forward to seeing you well and ok. Praying for the people in italy 🙏

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    god bless you .love from malta.

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