L214: shocking images from a French foie gras factory

⚠️ This video contains disturbing images. These ducks are being used to produce foie gras, a French delicacy. Footage from L214 Ethique et Animaux shows the appalling conditions in which they live.

08/21/2020 10:37 AM


  • Julie S.
    10 hours

    Absolutely disgusting needs closing down KARMA for the inhuman scum that allows this!🤬

  • Athinoulla C.
    15 hours

    Disgusting what they do to this Ducks 🦆😡Please stop

  • Raja K.
    16 hours

    Stop eating any kind of meat

  • Gladys J.
    16 hours

    This is so sad. :((

  • James S.
    16 hours

    No wonder we have a pandemic when bastards like this operate

  • Betty M.
    17 hours

    Do something about this arrest the owner.

  • Angie M.
    19 hours

    Is this what you wanna eat this poor bird covered in shit

  • Rebecca G.
    a day

    Heart 💔💔💔💔

  • Valeri B.
    a day


  • Helga K.
    a day


  • Dr-Parvesh K.
    a day

    May God curse the same cruel death to the family members of the killers of Innocent creatures.

  • Ash K.
    a day


  • Shilpi C.
    2 days

    horrific... How can people do this

  • ALoreley D.
    2 days


  • Walter D.
    2 days

    Stop animals cruelty!

  • Karlheinz U.
    2 days


  • Michael X.
    3 days

    This makes me sick !!!!

  • Marie-Thérèse D.
    3 days

    C’est une exploitation Qu’il faut fermer en urgence

  • Jo T.
    3 days

    U fk cruel drity humans u make me sick i prey u all Fuck suffer like they are u disgusting cunts

  • Sandra J.
    3 days

    Take it back those poor creature s

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