L214: shocking images from a French foie gras factory

⚠️ This video contains disturbing images. These ducks are being used to produce foie gras, a French delicacy. Footage from L214 Ethique et Animaux shows the appalling conditions in which they live.

08/21/2020 10:37 AM


  • Roxanne F.
    18 hours


  • Travelling M.
    2 days

    No no no! 😭

  • Huda H.
    2 days

    People have to adopt some thing good .

  • Huda H.
    2 days


  • Aiden R.
    2 days

    Okay for one, at least where I’m from this violates so many sanitary conditions, you can’t produce a food product when it comes from a place like that. It can be rotting and have countless amounts of harmful bacteria. Second is obvious that this is inhuman. Like what is that black sludge on the floor? And rotting duck bodies??? Like why in the hell is this place not taken down and demolished?

  • Darek Ć.
    2 days


  • Jackie L.
    3 days

    The next pandemic waiting to happen 💔💔😡😡

  • Sue P.
    3 days

    Im ashamed ☹️💔

  • Renata N.
    5 days

    Discussed people only can do that !!! I feel seek !!!

  • Kimberley C.
    5 days

    That is discussing 😳😭 the poor animals once’s again y !!

  • Susan A.
    5 days

    Evil karma will reach the cruel in end

  • Paul A.
    6 days

    Pure scum humans who are responsible for this cruelty

  • Ashley J.
    6 days

    Should be shut down

  • Alan E.
    04/03/2021 16:18

    Can't even watch 5 seconds of that video it's is absolutely shocking and how and why is this even allowed to happen 😒SHAMEFUL

  • Katie J.
    03/31/2021 00:43

    How the hell is this allowed!!! I will never eat meat again. Anyone who eats meat is selfish. You are basically paying for them to do this to our animals!!! Humans are not supposed to eat meat. How sad

  • Barbara Z.
    03/30/2021 19:20


  • Barbara Z.
    03/30/2021 19:19

    Úristen ezt az ållatkinzast! Ez borzalmas!

  • Mathilde D.
    03/29/2021 12:28

    Shocking- how do they get away with this horrendous cruelty???? as usual it’s no use to report these disgusting images to what is here in Australia the RSPCA, they do nothing to uphold this cruelty, no doubt France is the same, as if they were to do the job they are supposed to do, surely this shit hole would be shut down?????

  • Sef A.
    03/25/2021 11:22

    Should put those people in a cage then they see

  • Herahyeyun K.
    03/22/2021 23:00

    Humans r so fucking cruel creatures!!

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