Lady Gaga vs Mike Pence's Christianity

Lady Gaga hates Mike Pence's version of Christianity — and she told her fans why.

01/21/2019 8:01 PM
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  • Christopher J.
    01/21/2019 18:48

    that's not very Christian

  • Nita B.
    01/21/2019 18:58

    I got out of religion because there is no LOVE. God is LOVE and I want to be LOVE. Love/unity is the ONLY thing that will change this world!!! Religions/politics only make it worse. People are blind to it and some don't want to see it. They would rather fight and create division. THAT is not from God! My prayer is that we ALL become ONE and fight hate/division with LOVE/UNITY.

  • Linda M.
    01/21/2019 20:10


  • Brut
    01/21/2019 20:29

    Lady Gaga is no stranger to taking a daring stand. Here's the singer talking about her views on depression.

  • Howard M.
    01/21/2019 20:31

    Proud of her saying she is a Christian woman and that Christ means everyone is welcome. You go Gaga girl ❤️🕊😊

  • Cody C.
    01/21/2019 20:53

    Hold on while I wait for somebody who fucking cares

  • Cody C.
    01/21/2019 20:53

    In more relevant news I took a shit today

  • Josh W.
    01/21/2019 21:24

    religion is a fucking asshole

  • Chicho Z.
    01/21/2019 21:31

    Fuck lady gaga & them mooks

  • Cepi O.
    01/21/2019 21:57

    Raul Grijalva we support u and your husband

  • Abdulrehman I.
    01/21/2019 22:19

    She’s not right. LGBT is not right.

  • Jane C.
    01/21/2019 22:40

    Lady Gaga. Much love from Sheffield UK. You are amazing.

  • Eleanor R.
    01/21/2019 22:51

    Go gaga!

  • Sandy F.
    01/21/2019 23:02

    Love you, Lady Gaga. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs!

  • Tim L.
    01/21/2019 23:38

    It's a good paying job. It's better than having Trump grabbing your ass when Trump called Mike in for a quickie.

  • Maria D.
    01/22/2019 00:04


  • Maria D.
    01/22/2019 00:05


  • Daryl M.
    01/22/2019 00:32

    You can not chose what sin you approve of and what ones you don't, and FYI Christian's don't hate gay people they just except the fact it is a sin and sin is not something you want to indoctrinate into the church.

  • Billie L.
    01/22/2019 01:22

    Not our place to judge but to love one another.

  • Autumn S.
    01/22/2019 01:47

    more reason for u to love her!