Lilly Platt, 9 years old, is going to war against plastic pollution

Lilly Platt is one of the youngest ambassadors in the fight against plastic pollution. And she has a message for everyone:

01/15/2018 4:32 PM


  • Sener K.
    02/02/2018 12:24

    I always get so much sad when I see all the stuff thrown everywhere but couldn’t be as brave as this girl to pick it up, you are really an inspiration to us baby 😘😘

  • Green D.
    01/30/2018 22:45

    McDonald's, one of the largest Transnational Corporations in every country is one of the front-runners in their production of plastic straws, if they can stop, others will follow their lead. Sign the petition and invite others to sign too who believe that that the world needs to be free of plastic straws!

  • Green D.
    01/30/2018 22:42

    What an inspiration this little girl is. So much power to her and we need so many more people like this around to take this war against plastic and win it. Way to go Lilly, you give us so much motivation. Take a bow from us here in India 🇮�up

  • Kristine K.
    01/17/2018 16:22

    Good job young lady.... Keep it up 😘😘

  • Michelle R.
    01/17/2018 09:19

    Little miss Sunshine ❤

  • Plasticus m.
    01/17/2018 08:16

    Well done, Lilly!! (It's so sad to see kids picking up trash that adults pretend not to see...)

  • Jenna F.
    01/17/2018 05:29


  • Kimberly M.
    01/17/2018 02:12

    She is so cute! 😍

  • Ida M.
    01/17/2018 00:10

    I want my kid to be like her 😚

  • Plastic P.
    01/16/2018 17:46

    Thank you PPC Youth Ambassador Lilly!

  • Volt S.
    01/16/2018 11:17

    keep it up girl..nice i hope u can infuence all the children of the world but all people of the universe.

  • Zakir K.
    01/16/2018 09:44

    We need more Lilly in the globe

  • Darius M.
    01/16/2018 04:07


  • Jonroe S.
    01/16/2018 02:54

    this would be my kid sa sunod

  • JJ S.
    01/15/2018 23:12

    Scott Alan Christopher

  • Elana G.
    01/15/2018 21:04

    this girl!! Xx

  • Huma N.
    01/15/2018 18:53

    Aww my baby girl 😘😘

  • MaryAnn G.
    01/15/2018 17:33

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eleanor P.
    01/15/2018 17:04

    That's my girl!

  • Nadine L.
    01/15/2018 16:58

    wow, there is hope :)

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