Meanwhile... malaria kills hundreds of thousands around the world

While Covid-19 spreads across the world, another disease kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, mainly children and pregnant women... malaria.

04/27/2020 11:01 PM


  • Le J.
    04/28/2020 16:07

    I hope it wipes out all islamic radical terrorists and mexican cartels and their supporters

  • Elena E.
    04/28/2020 14:34

    Hmmm... Easy solution: don't get pregnant and your baby won't be killed by malaria. đŸ„± Hey what for to post such news? ...

  • Sophia B.
    04/28/2020 13:21

    in sigapore they have come up with a method of breeding mosqitoes which dont bite and also breeds with the existing mosquiotes to make infertile mosquotoes. The technology can be adapted by the WHO ( if they think it will not harm their economics that is ) and applied on all places to stop not only malaria but many other deadly diseases being spread by it. So the money being spend on malaria medicines can be diverted to this.

  • Yougander R.
    04/28/2020 12:55

    It doesn't kill rich and privileged people who live in ac rooms and better conditions that's why media isn't much bothered to cover it anymore .

  • Sophia B.
    04/28/2020 12:31

    Imagine if such deaths didnt happen , what will be the population ? In 1800 we were only 1.5 billion, i.e. in 11800 years we reached a population of 1.5 billions or a 150 crores in the earth and in next 200 years we reached 7.5 billion i.e. we added the population of 70,000 years in just 200 years! So where are we heading ? Im not saying let people die, but please control the births atleast! And as a society what rules are we bringing up to do that?

  • Varadaraju B.
    04/28/2020 12:09

    Good information

  • Markus J.
    04/28/2020 11:56

    Do you think anyone care about that? As long as it doesn't affect the rich, not even a bloody Priest or Monk will bother about it. Sad but true.

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