Meet Britain's Iron Man

This man's Jet Suit allows him to fly at record-breaking speeds. He just presented his invention to the British military…

05/06/2021 11:58 PM


  • Robert T.
    3 hours

    Make it smaller. Then we have something.

  • Martha B.
    4 hours

    I want one.

  • Mike R.
    5 hours

    Very cool.

  • Mark M.
    5 hours

    It's coming

  • Frank B.
    6 hours

    I so want to try this out

  • Skipper W.
    6 hours

    Does not even move the water 💦 underneath I call CGI

  • Chad P.
    6 hours

    Hope he swoops in and saved the day soon

  • David M.
    9 hours

    This is what I want for Xmas

  • Martin J.
    10 hours

    I want one! 😱

  • Danny H.
    10 hours


  • Danny D.
    11 hours

    I would build GPS into a helmet that would interact with the packs so whatever you look at it would go for you and the Pax would move as needed and then work on it efficient way to keeping the power source regenerating then you would be able to set jet packs towards your shoulders free hands-free and more efficient

  • Douglas S.
    11 hours

    Ahh all the Debbie Downers on here , what they’re not showing you for obvious reasons is that you can add voice and micro controls for all these functions as well as exoskeletal reinforcement to control be able to control weapons …… this is only the platform …not to mention segmented solid mini boosters to slow down fuel fuel consumption for longer time over the target

  • Michael B.
    12 hours

    …if engine failure, you go down to bottom of the sea in less than 3 seconds….

  • Jay H.
    12 hours

    FOR LILLY!!!😲😲

  • Gary F.
    12 hours


  • Steven M.
    13 hours

    Very cool, as always how long is flight time ? Still cool

  • Michael R.
    13 hours

    Cool, but, extremely expensive way to get someone onboard. Practical? Then again, not the WORST way the military has wasted money I suppose

  • Sam S.
    15 hours

    Need one

  • Oscar R.
    17 hours


  • Anna O.
    a day

    I'm so in love...