Meet Sudan's Viral Protester

A 22-year-old woman has become a symbol for the Sudanese uprising against President Omar al-Bashir.

04/17/2019 10:21 AMupdated: 06/11/2019 8:02 PM
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  • Caryn G.
    04/17/2019 10:26

    But why

  • Stanislav .
    04/17/2019 10:27

    Such activists in any country, they are used then they are disposed

  • Aicha O.
    04/17/2019 10:28

    نعلا الله قوم ولاو امرهم الا مراء عندما تصبح قيادة وحكم فيد مراءة تخرب وكثر الفساد حيا الله ارجال

  • Ahsan A.
    04/17/2019 10:33

    they are paid activist by America.. as this is applied strategy in many Muslim countries which was created by America and deploy in max Muslim countries to take control and destabilise

  • Elimane W.
    04/17/2019 10:37

    Se Bizare,on choisit ces personnes ou quoi?

  • Win S.
    04/17/2019 10:49

    It's not holywood Movie,,,, ""the only hero is the people""...🇩🇿🇩 Dz power🇿✊✊

  • ابوبکر ط.
    04/17/2019 10:49

    Only for a little time by media

  • Salima I.
    04/17/2019 11:15

    You are a valuable person who is deserving of good care and support. <3 Solidarity from Somalia.

  • Ali K.
    04/17/2019 11:20

    Looks like a belly dancer

  • Haitham J.
    04/17/2019 11:50

    They will regret

  • Linda T.
    04/17/2019 11:51

    Be careful, they will kill U.

  • Hosny A.
    04/17/2019 11:56

    Inspired by Olhan and AOC from America.😁

  • Donald P.
    04/17/2019 11:58

    Praying for her safety.

  • Sammy I.
    04/17/2019 12:24

    Watch out now, America coming for your country

  • Usha A.
    04/17/2019 12:32

    Great 👏👏👏👏

  • Mary C.
    04/17/2019 12:47

    Be careful brave woman.

  • Hassan Z.
    04/17/2019 12:50

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  • Imtiyaz A.
    04/17/2019 12:55

    👍 👍 👍

  • Ali H.
    04/17/2019 12:57


  • Shelly R.
    04/17/2019 13:15

    Though I appreciate her passion, however, historically, it's not something that allows one to continue breathing... I do hope she's able to continue on. Good luck dear lady, be very careful who you surround yourself with. 😘