Meet the Trump campaign's voter fraud witnesses

Trump's legal team brought out their voter fraud witnesses, and we have questions...

12/04/2020 12:31 AM


  • John M.
    19 hours

    That started about 40 years ago

  • Stephane F.
    a day

    That's trump proof hahahahahahaha

  • Jordan K.
    a day

    She’s seems under the influence.

  • Paul V.
    2 days

    Fraud! Yep!

  • Thomas D.
    4 days

    So then prosecute them if they are lying

  • David S.
    5 days


  • Steven L.
    6 days

    All of this because the USA did not buy voting machine made in China under Ivanka Trumps company. Just think of what fraud that would have been

  • Jordana N.
    03/31/2021 18:06

    You lie, delusional made up thange!!!! What is happening to these freakin’ orangeasshole blind, deaf, and dumb fanatics!!!! With the truth,they refuse to see the reality!!!!

  • Edward C.
    03/30/2021 22:19

    How's the current Resident doing? 80 million votes.. no rally turnouts, f*cked up names of his appointees.. He's the Administrator of a bankrupt corp.. Such sheep you all are.. Be truth seekers. Forget the Repub-Dem debates. That's meant to divide and distract us all. There is only two parties, Traitors or Patriots.

  • Dede S.
    03/29/2021 13:48

    the election without any doubt was stolen by democrats🤬🇬🇧🤬🤬

  • Mark K.
    03/29/2021 09:51

    No cheating.witmer shreaded our constitution and when she locked the doors at 10.30 voting night and ordered state police to break the law by not letting anyone in all votes from 10.30 do not count for all u lawless commies.she and here 2 compares are convicts also.hushmoney paid 4 by George SORROS the biggest American hater in this country.and hates our flag no cheating u just as brainwashed as they want you to be

  • Padang G.
    03/29/2021 07:51

    And yet still no proof, clowns.

  • Tim R.
    03/29/2021 03:23

    Where did they even find this woman? She looks like she just got pried off the floor after a night of binge drinking lol

  • John M.
    03/28/2021 20:11

    Trump’s puppets! Ha ha!

  • Jennifer B.
    03/28/2021 04:23

    I’m all for being registered and you having to have an ID or you don’t deserve to vote.

  • Darian B.
    03/28/2021 01:38

    This chick was on something

  • Rocky K.
    03/25/2021 09:55

    Krazy Karen

  • Alex T.
    03/25/2021 00:13

    Mad as a bag of cats

  • Alberto J.
    03/23/2021 06:41

    Is this lady on drugs? 🤪

  • Edward E.
    03/21/2021 19:33

    Hows the billion $ lawsuit filed against powell going

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