• Kelly A.
    01/31/2018 14:14

    As an aside that most people don't know, the EPA was not created to protect the environment. It was created under Nixon, a man who had no problem dropping Agent Orange on Vietnam, to collateralize US land for the national debt. When the US went of the gold standard, France and other countries said they would not support fiat debt. The backing of the US government was not sufficient, so they agreed to collateralize loans with land and resources. The EPA was created to prevent Americans from logging, drilling, or extracting water from public lands that are used for collateral. Each time a President creates more national monuments and federal lands, it is to secure the latest round of debt financing. Not only that, but only foreign debt holders will have access to this land if the US defaults on its debt, a la Argentina. US debt holders (Treasuries) will get nothing. As for these people grandstanding, the EPA has done nothing about the toxic water supplies. 9,000 US communities are worse than Flynt, and this was known under Obama. They have done nothing. And after Fukushima melted down, they stopped reporting radiation numbers, turning off monitors across the country. They did nothing about the BP blowout. BP should have been bankrupted by the fines, and yet they thrive. These people are grandstanding for a more lucrative white collar save the earth without getting their hands dirty job. They have made this political when the EPA has always been about economics. These are the same people who don't care about three melting nuclear reactors in Japan. They say nothing about US Depleted Uranium bombing campaigns. They say nothing about 5G or cell phone radiation.

  • Hazel C.
    01/29/2018 06:47

    They needed to stay fight and appose with the full support of the people!

  • Sandra H.
    01/28/2018 07:48

    If the Americans want to be "Energy independent", then we SHOULD encourage GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES. Clean and renewable Solar energy , geo thermal, wind and wave energy are all renewable and limitless. Oil ,coal , shale oil and narural gas energy ,are not only finite,but they pollute water, earth and air and are dangerous to acquire nuclear while clean is dangerous and,can contaminate water and earth for hundreds of years. Only an a greedy idiot would would destroy our air, water and land , when there is a clean green and,renewable energy source and hire equally idiotic greedy men, who will destroy the AMERICAN people's national monuments and potentially our health.

  • Jan N.
    01/27/2018 12:26

    They're playing into Trump's hands...no board members, no board.

  • Shangri D.
    01/27/2018 00:21

    SO sad that they resigned! How can we encourage and support people in those positions so they will stay? They are our only hope!

  • Mastermind M.
    01/25/2018 23:19

    Question how many of you voted for Trump?

  • Crystal L.
    01/25/2018 22:19

    I agree with Dan Howard---it would not be pleasant to stay but who now will stand for our natural resources and wildlands!?!? I'm sorry but I feel that while it may look like an act of rebellion, it is a cowardly thing to do. Better to be fired by the scumbags than run away

  • Ian S.
    01/23/2018 02:10

    Pretty misleading headline. Nearly all of the seats on the U.S. National Park Service advisory board are vacant following a mass resignation Monday night, with ex-members citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's unwillingness to meet with them.

  • Dan H.
    01/22/2018 14:04

    Why not stay in the job and fight against these policies?

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