• Cleo H.
    05/30/2019 02:11

    ridiculous that this has to happen

  • Lolo S.
    05/08/2019 09:27

    where there is humans there is rubbish

  • Kathleen C.
    04/29/2019 18:26

    Shame on them all.

  • Moosa Z.
    04/27/2019 22:04


  • Jeremy M.
    04/27/2019 13:37

    Instead of challenging yourself to climb the tallest mountian try picking up your trash, now that would be a challenge for the elitist climbers.

  • Taylor I.
    04/27/2019 11:37

    What the video fails to mention: to climb Everest, climbers must pay fees to either Nepal or Tibet before they even step foot on the mountain. ($7000-$11000). They also have to pay a refundable deposit for trash removal. If you sign up to climb Everest through a guide service, those guide services are fined an insane amount of money for any trash left by their group. Sometimes they remove it themselves or they hire Sherpas to help them carry it down the mountain The trash that's left behind is typically left by individuals who try to go up there alone. The solution? Only permit those in guide groups to go up the mountain. If someone is trying to do it alone, don't let them. People shouldn't be doing it without a guide anyways.

  • Stéphanie C.
    04/26/2019 23:29

    your thoughts?

  • Dylan T.
    04/26/2019 14:51

    Most everest climbers are dbags and they know it.

  • Lizette R.
    04/25/2019 13:42

    Kilimanjaro lyk dieselfde

  • Saji K.
    04/25/2019 11:27

    Well done to the Nepalese army.👍🙏🏽

  • Brut nature
    04/25/2019 11:11

    Good news: the nepalese army has managed to clean 2 tons of waste from the Everest. https://myrepublica.nagariknetwork.com/news/army-removes-two-tons-of-waste-from-everest/?categoryId=blog

  • Norma B.
    04/25/2019 09:39

    If they can manage to carry it all up the mountain, why can't they carry it back down again. Isn't it supposed to be easier to go down hill than to go up? Just plain lazy.

  • Richard S.
    04/25/2019 04:07

    Simple really, Charge the climbers accordingly. Items going in, items coming out. Charge them all hefty clean up fees. Use the extra fees to train new guides and to remove and recycle the items left.😐

  • Conchita L.
    04/25/2019 02:33

    Please don't spoil Mt. Everest. No one deserved to be called a tourist at Mt. Everest if you leave garbage at the top.

  • Giron P.
    04/25/2019 02:19

    They should close it down

  • Louise P.
    04/25/2019 00:50


  • Kelvin M.
    04/25/2019 00:19

    The reason people dump their rubbish is simple. THEY DON'T CARE!!!

  • Judith W.
    04/24/2019 23:59

    The Nepalese govt should impose a garbage collection tax/levy on all tourists entering the area. Make it a visa requirement.

  • John M.
    04/24/2019 23:34

    Spoilt rich wankers should be made carry whatever they brought up with them back down...

  • Dana K.
    04/24/2019 23:33

    I was always taught that if you pack it in..you pack it out. Leave nothing but footprints. I try to live by that. Why do people think it's ok to dump their trash on one of the most beautiful places on earth? Or anywhere for that matter?

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