• Jomar P.
    03/18/2020 10:45

    Can reefers give a thumbs up for this comment?

  • Bianca T.
    12/21/2019 12:58

    hoy ung parrot fish ng hapchan, grr

  • Becerra R.
    12/19/2019 04:47

    I know a Asian store that sells them all the time so sad!!!

  • Chang L.
    12/17/2019 03:11

    Their meat is awesome. In Jamaica we fried or steam with veggies. Oh yum. But they are beautiful fish

  • Barbara B.
    12/16/2019 23:08

    So interesting, and colorful. In the new system we'll never be bord

  • Karen L.
    12/15/2019 21:31

    They taste so good

  • John M.
    12/15/2019 00:08

    Halo by Beyonce mix?

  • Gil C.
    12/02/2019 03:58

    This why I refuse to fish and cook them.

  • Marilyn C.
    12/02/2019 03:02

    I would say it took Genesis 3:21- And God created the great sea creatures and all living creatures that move and swim in the waters according to their kinds and every winged flying creature according to their kind. And God saw that it was good. 1:23- And there was evening and there was morning, a fifth day . 2 Peter 3:8- However, do not let this escape your notice, be loved ones that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day , It says it clearly that one day to Jehovah is a thousand years , so it took 1000 year to do all kinds of fish in the sea.

  • Thomas E.
    12/02/2019 01:41

    A wonderful fish. It makes sand out of coral reefs the same way a wood chipper makes sawdust out of trees.

  • Brianna A.
    11/25/2019 22:37

    Just 60 to 100 of these fish in the whollllleeeee sea? Who’s idea was that one lmao

  • Betty C.
    11/25/2019 17:09


  • Marie G.
    11/24/2019 19:58

    Douglas Lajuj

  • Kili K.
    11/23/2019 01:17

    Good eating... if you're fishing for them release the blue and try for the red. The males (males) are scarce.

  • Patrick H.
    11/22/2019 17:57

    Apparently Humans can change sex too

  • Diana S.
    11/22/2019 04:29


  • Jasmine C.
    11/15/2019 16:07

    This heat

  • Annette D.
    11/14/2019 14:22


  • Carleen W.
    11/14/2019 01:10

    Not puke, poop! They excrete the undigested coral- poop. Yep and people pay big bucks to go to the nice white beaches!

  • Dillan B.
    11/13/2019 20:28

    They are delisious

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