People are filming themselves as they quit their jobs

"F––k this job, F––k this company." She filmed herself as she quit her job, and started a trend. Here's why people are handing in more resignations in 2021, and why they're filming themselves doing it ...

08/11/2021 5:48 PM


  • Nayab B.
    09/16/2021 15:33

    do this

  • Anik R.
    09/12/2021 09:20

    Oohhhh i see .... their desire to have a tik tok career has clouded their logical thinking

  • Jeewan D.
    09/01/2021 10:21

    She can send just simple "Resignation" letter to HR. Why it's necessary to make video n post it online just to start tiktok n getting views ?

  • Joycy C.
    08/24/2021 03:29

    Emmanuel Lunbawi hn pan veleh

  • Vimal N.
    08/21/2021 07:13

    Same thing done by me when I was working in tata projects limited🤣🤣🤣 Fucking idiots they think a person will die for their targets nd they will pay 15k only ...... India is full or idiots ND ratan tata is business men he don't know the human value nd moral values too ....... Donation is just for publicity nd fame .... I m glad too see that such peoples are their in our country and ruining other life's ..... Torturing then in their rupated companies .... Such companies should be banned nd should be punished for torturing people's for their livehood

  • Haritma S.
    08/19/2021 17:33

    … this one ☝️

  • Animesh U.
    08/19/2021 17:20

    I was in quite a similar situation & can totally relate to it. I quit the job & started my own business June last year. & oh boy I'm so much better mentally. Couldn't be happier. One of best decision of my life to quit working for some one in a toxic environment to now being self employed.

  • Tanim A.
    08/19/2021 16:31

    Bunch of entitled lazy commies quitting because they want government handouts

  • Devendra B.
    08/19/2021 09:29

    Well if company fires you it can be different but if you quit and make videos and tiktok then probably you are incapable for that job. Also if you go viral as you wanted others company and managers wouldn't like your this behavior

  • Nor A.
    08/17/2021 22:48

    try this

  • Ashraf K.
    08/17/2021 15:10

    Par ADMIN yeh batana bhool gaya ki yeh sab BJP chode ke AAYE HAIN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angeline R.
    08/17/2021 07:00

    I have personally seen people carrying their undated resignations in their pockets,threatening to quit/ ranting, and the management gives a damn😀😀😀.

  • Seema K.
    08/17/2021 06:55

    ?? You took a job on social media ? Was your interview filmed and uploaded on SM ? Who does your appraisal ? Social media ? So why quit on social media. Drama. Tiktoker generation has low tenacity !! Bad bosses, toxic environment, lobbies are everywhere. Learn to confront. Report to HR. Compliance. Law enforcement... whatever...SM resignation is off

  • Chaitanya S.
    08/17/2021 05:58

    So a simple 'Hi' escalated her emotions !hmm 😂! Getting Triggerred by a simple Greeting! Escape Artist at its best.

  • Musaib K.
    08/17/2021 04:33

    now you knw what to do 😋

  • Alen A.
    08/17/2021 03:59

    Lol 😂!Do these guys actually think anyone will hire them now after such behavior?Most of them have no business experience or work experience.They think they will get these perfect jobs and live these perfect lives.So many people are jobless right now and can’t food on the table,pay rent or do anything.But these genius for 5 minutes of fame and become social media stars and influencers and become rockstars and go on to become American hero’s!Just Delusional baboons!

  • Amit M.
    08/16/2021 16:05

    Now who's gonna start the trend !

  • Sankar K.
    08/16/2021 14:43

    Go luck on finding new jobs if you quit openly like that.

  • Asish P.
    08/16/2021 10:34

    Absolutely ludicrous.. The one who offered you a job doesn't deserve this... You don't know whom that person has to answer.. Future employers should take note..

  • Vishal M.
    08/16/2021 09:02

    ek mera dost h Ashwani Jaiswal.. Wo bhi online resignation dena chahta h. Help karo uski 🤣🤣

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