Police raid in Brazil kills 29

Warning: Distressing images A deadly police raid in Rio de Janeiro has killed at least 29 people and sparked outrage over police brutality in the Brazilian city.

05/12/2021 11:58 PM


  • Ranga P.
    05/14/2021 20:19

    This happens every day here in the USA, only difference is kills per raid. But total kills, anual basis, we exceed any other country. USA is the best

  • Esben D.
    05/13/2021 21:55

    der var lidt mere stille da vi var der... og jerusalem for den sags skyld 🙄🙄

  • Puji Y.
    05/13/2021 14:51

    Pria berkacamata dalam video harus tinggal dilingkungan orang yg mati oleh polisi tersebut agar tahu hal apa yg sudah terjadi disitu...klo cuma bicarakan soal HAM semua orang juga bisa.

  • Ozy M.
    05/13/2021 13:33

    Poor'd this happened in modern world.!!

  • Alex R.
    05/13/2021 01:59

    The truth is that the criminals in the fabelas buy their weapons from police.

  • Antonio N.
    05/13/2021 01:40

    If they do not respect the ppl the ppl will swarm them with the same animosity they dealed out enough is enough with this forceful reign if you can not respect the ppl the ppl will teach you that respect.

  • Kael K.
    05/13/2021 01:11

    The Human rights is paid by cartel what you have to do brazil from drug traffickers

  • Ratko M.
    05/13/2021 00:19

    It's not a problem, military style raids are also applicable to law enforcement and SWAT units. Cartels should cooperate mutually to hit police and military at their base campus. It's not hard, just a matter of good organisation.

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