Protecting Women at Risk from Violence

Mexico is ranked sixth for gender crimes — a rate 15x higher than the global average. Now, both local officials and journalists are working to protect and track women at risk of violence.

03/01/2019 4:01 PM


  • Anastasia J.
    03/30/2019 23:27

    And the Democrats want to let these animals into the US.

  • Ernie B.
    03/29/2019 14:20

    Ya and no wall?

  • Melissa R.
    03/28/2019 04:19

    Sad. 😪 This kind of evil as spread around the world.

  • Bobby Z.
    03/19/2019 23:14

    ... yet trump is bad for saying they're sending rapists... when its factually and statistically accurate apparently...

  • Robert M.
    03/13/2019 00:03


  • Brut
    03/01/2019 23:20

    Wielding a sword like Wonder Woman, this 76-year-old is teaching women how to protect themselves in "the most dangerous country in the world for women."