Rafiki, the gorilla found dead in Uganda

His name was Rafiki. He was a beloved mountain gorilla from Uganda. He was found dead on June 2, 2020, with his abdomen pierced by a sharp object…

06/22/2020 4:47 PM


  • Kerry E.
    07/12/2020 22:28

    Nothing will happen to the people who were caught. Nothing ever does to poachers in these countries. That’s why it’s still such a problem. I say that anyone caught poaching should be publicly hung and their bodies left to rot as a reminder what the consequences are.

  • Rajah M.
    07/10/2020 19:28

    Corona will sort you out... Stop killing innocent animals Karma Will sort you out

  • Lois W.
    07/09/2020 14:51

    The perpetrators must be held accountable or we will lose all the Rafikis of the world We must protect these gorillas in to perpetuity

  • Doug W.
    07/09/2020 10:21

    Just shoot the 4 of them - problem solved & May be a deterrent for others. That is all they understand

  • Meghna S.
    07/04/2020 15:41

    My heart literally aches by seeing all the innocent creatures facing vulnerability of wicked Humans! Humans are selfish and greedy 😕

  • Mayank J.
    07/04/2020 01:40

    The people who do violence against animals should get the punishment of death.😡

  • Sushma A.
    07/03/2020 16:52

    Sad 😢

  • Karen N.
    07/03/2020 12:19

    Every time I hear of a senseless animal murder, I truly hate ppl. even more, they just like to see things suffer, cause they are subhuman species....

  • Nina A.
    07/03/2020 10:28

    so sad😭

  • Hepsy A.
    07/03/2020 08:58

    I am not able to hear such news. Who is that cruel wicked person? God will take revenge for animals also.

  • Arun K.
    07/03/2020 08:55

    Hang the bastards

  • Srijana S.
    07/03/2020 08:26

    Feeling extremely sorry for this innocent animal.Was hunter shoratage of a blanket that he nedded his fur to kill him???😡👊👎

  • Aditi G.
    07/03/2020 07:52


  • Rahul R.
    07/03/2020 07:33

    What you give to nature, nature will return you twice. Don't worry human.

  • Chandrashekhar S.
    07/03/2020 07:30

    Only enemy remain on Earth is Human.

  • Sitakanta M.
    07/03/2020 07:17

    Should have capital punishment...

  • Pratima B.
    07/03/2020 07:10

    Why he needed to go for hunting in the jungle, that is a place for animals. Does he allow wild animals in his house ? Insane reason to kill an animal. It's sad.😭

  • Sushmita S.
    07/03/2020 07:08

    This is really sad.

  • Furkan B.
    07/03/2020 07:06

    That's the reason we see such pandemics which are result of killing these animals...

  • Megh S.
    07/03/2020 07:03


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