Rape Survivor Walks 450 Miles in 27 Days

She was raped and left for dead 27 years ago. Now, Leilani Kuter is inspiring other survivors to reclaim their stories after walking 450 miles across South Africa over 27 days. 💛

#YellowForSurvivors has now raised over $16,000 to help fund rape kits

Leilani Kuter decided to share her message of survival and walk more than 450 miles, over 27 days, 27 years later in South Africa. Kuter launched #YellowForSurvivors — just one way she is reclaiming control over her life.

“My rape happened 27 years ago on the 16th of September 1992, when I was brutally raped and left for dead. And I didn't talk about it for 10 years. I was only 18 years old. On that day when it happened, the police guy just had a very nonchalant attitude about it and he just said, oh, well, in Afrikaans, he said, in Afrikaans, that “it's the sixth rape this week.” And he had that kind of attitude about it. 12th day, done. 27, I can't believe it. I must say I'm very overwhelmed today. I'm a rape survivor, but in life, I'm a survivor because and I think this is also my message out there. This is what I'm saying. #YellowForSurvivors. I've met a lady and she was raped by six guys, and one wore yellow. And since I've been telling my story, she said Jamila Loney, for the first time, She went and bought herself a beautiful yellow jacket in the winter. We just in my in June in South Africa and then often talking to I realize The guy who raped me also had a yellow T-shirt on. And this is why I decided #YellowForSurvivors,” rape survivor Leilani Kuter tells Brut.

She's now raised over $16,000 to help fund rape kits and counseling for survivors of sexual assault according to the sexual violence fundraising organization BackABuddy. She also launched Date Night SA in 2014 — a dating resource site that encourages healthy relationships. She now plans to release a book and documentary in 2020 called Born to an Audience.