Remember when Obama surprised Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Four years ago, an emotional Joe Biden accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom when Obama surprised him with the highest civilian honor...

01/12/2021 8:13 PMupdated: 01/12/2021 8:15 PM


  • Rupok D.
    02/01/2021 23:44

    It is truth both are self discipline of light continues served to bring reail constitution discipline of light both are knowledgeable undarstud life peace full soul it is best why world human living life of light democracy freedom nonviolent rule of law recpet bettar for lol daily loving life peace full soul and new generation aducasion sistam conseuiness of knowledge it will Chiang new darecsion safety of light so today j Biden lidarshpi undar rule of law recpet democracy freedom world constitution discipline of light free far destiny truth of light Jay full darecsion safety of light human living life and world lidar come twogedar bring solution bring nature why daily loving life climate change it to late it time wakeup bring back peace stop violence bad politic war it never come ends solution peace of mind on discipline of light truth dare it for lol daily loving life enjoying colour of beauty of smile mother erath President j Biden his lidarshpi in world so important one darecsion it for lol are lidarshpi undar rule responsible bring back normal life business political issues social GDP growth lol are those thing best undar rule of law recpet discipline of light thinks for posted

  • Vikhelum B.
    01/22/2021 10:43

    Biden need to redeem the friendship by once again putting up the Obama Care....

  • Sebastiao V.
    01/22/2021 02:49


  • Mubtasim F.
    01/21/2021 18:53

    "What comes from the heart enters the heart"

  • Humayun M.
    01/21/2021 13:49

    Giving medals to each other for killing millions of innocent people around the world.....What a joke...... I m not a fan of Donald Trump but atleast he didn't start a new war to kill hundreds of thousands of people......

  • Chang K.
    01/21/2021 03:23

    Heartiest congratulations to our lovely Joe Biden..much love from sikkim

  • Asif M.
    01/20/2021 11:35


  • Subodh S.
    01/19/2021 13:22

    Make america looser again.

  • Sareb S.
    01/19/2021 10:21

    A warlord give pedo a medal. End of times

  • Vijay G.
    01/19/2021 08:09

    Great President Barack obama sir Joe Biden sir after noon two person all best fans and all best nature two person of very badhai ho Vijay Gupta ramna india

  • Ritu D.
    01/19/2021 04:37

    Wish you good World

  • Vincent M.
    01/18/2021 15:34


  • Mohammed K.
    01/18/2021 13:21


  • Ajmal S.
    01/18/2021 11:36


  • Cameron W.
    01/18/2021 06:23

    Obama is worse than Hitler.

  • Santhosh R.
    01/18/2021 03:59

    Look at his humility in accepting the medal. Viva Democratic party and meritocracy of US!

  • Sachin V.
    01/18/2021 03:38

    Evil with evil. If not . Read Bible.

  • Rohena P.
    01/18/2021 03:20

    What a effing joke.

  • Moakhan S.
    01/18/2021 02:50

    hmmm if it was unexpected, how is it posdible he had a prepared speech to thank obama🤔

  • Jaswant S.
    01/18/2021 01:15

    Higest civilan order by a president to incoming pr.who will take oath on 20.01 2021 in white house. The out going pr left no stone to destry democracy and had two impeahments to his credit. He visited India on 24 02 2020 and destroy democrcy along with Howedy or vice versa. He honoured Howedy before leaving white house. To spread hatred and loot only aim of two bird leaders.past time golf and play with parrot and peacock and weken judiciary.

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