• Gori S.
    08/24/2018 16:41

    Entertainment is most essential part of victory for Indian force's

  • Margaret L.
    08/22/2018 01:05

    This was man made, the result of a dam break. The river seldom gets to the ocean, this is also the result of human interference. Let it dry up.

  • Lori T.
    08/08/2018 02:27

    Called Climate Change

  • Tosin H.
    07/26/2018 14:15

    Jesus is coming soon.

  • Harvey J.
    07/11/2018 11:52

    on balance looks like a good thing to me.....less power boats ..less cars travelling all those miles..less people.....

  • HanadiIsmail M.
    06/29/2018 16:26

    يارب تجف كل الموارد المائية عندهم حتى يذوقوا قليلا من العذاب الذي اذاقوه للمسلمين في مختلف البلدان

  • Diallo S.
    06/28/2018 21:53


  • Pat B.
    06/28/2018 16:56

    have seen it a few times the last few yrs and every bit as bad as they describe. all the fish laying dead at waters edge etc ... devestating for sure .............

  • Ammar B.
    06/28/2018 16:11

    وحتى البحر الميت سيختفي تماما وتبقى اثاره عبارة عن سبخة ملحية ككل السباخ (طالع نظرية الغمر الشامل للاستاذ الجزائر عمار بوكرروفة اهم الحلول لتوازن البيئي )

  • Kate K.
    06/28/2018 15:37

    Stupid idiots think it's not normal. The world is changing everyday. If your salt sea is disappearing well some place is getting covered.

  • Don J.
    06/26/2018 04:30

    Una de las principales causas de esta contaminación..desgraciadamente va del Río Nuevo que desemboca ahí. este río va de Mexicali al Salton Sea..

  • Clint B.
    06/22/2018 01:22

    these fuckin stupid people caused this

  • Arsenia C.
    06/21/2018 21:42

    Es problema del cambio climático.

  • Abigail S.
    06/21/2018 15:49

    we learned this :0

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