• Natasha R.
    06/22/2020 03:10

    Andrew FlemingPrathyusha Parakala lovely initiative

  • Mark D.
    07/31/2018 03:37

    A nearby waste treatment plant prides itself on 80% efficiency.....I wonder what happens to the rest of the turds?

  • Kheireddine Z.
    07/28/2018 19:37


  • Ranjith N.
    07/27/2018 19:04

    Stop penalty on common ppl and concentrate on not producing the plastic prdoucts and start producing on decomposeble product's.

  • Gurdeep B.
    07/25/2018 15:51


  • Maja C.
    07/25/2018 14:37

    Eco-news? Is this for real? What do people think how was it done before. Fast way of living forces us to go the easy way. It wasn't in my time but I know as many do- milk was distribute in glass bottles and collected empty and reused. A lot of people had their own farms as they do nowadays. People cooked more at home and had their own compost. My grandma and I started to do the same using just soap bars not liquid soap or shower gels etc. etc ( soaps detergents and cleaning liquids are bad) . First you have a industry ( plastic, food industry etc ) that was rising and making some ridiculously rich and powerful and now we have a problem that needs to be solved from country, states and private budgets and again making some people ridiculously rich. Don't be fooled that is going to be for free. People need better education to remember how it was done before, to learn more about the consequences of the modern way of living. Many many generations are raised without realizing what we are doing. Me too. Starting from your own home there can be a big impact on reducing the waste. Living in big city doesn't leave you with a lot of option to live with no waste depending what your job is and if you need to drive a lot etc. i know it is not easy but we need to at least try. Even when first car on benzene was made we had the knowledge to build the electric car but "some" decided they can earn more money selling gas so we ended up with pollution that will take many years to reverse ( if we do at all). At least to balance the modern way with the simple more healthier way.

  • Sanjay U.
    07/20/2018 13:51

    And what about your neuclar waste ....

  • Marj U.
    07/16/2018 18:24

    Kudos to you! Wish every state did that! Imagine the results

  • Alexis J.
    07/16/2018 13:09

    ipaabot ni nato ni mayor tommy osmeña

  • Jan M.
    07/16/2018 12:40

    Please listen to this.. Please.

  • Liz I.
    07/16/2018 05:40

    Composting is the best eco-news!

  • Kent S.
    07/16/2018 00:42

    Sharing, thanks...

  • Candace D.
    07/14/2018 18:04

    80% !Awesome 🙌

  • Antoinette C.
    07/13/2018 15:46

    How do we concentrate on one post and deal with the endless string of added posts added on. Facebook, please discontinue this annoyance to many of us.

  • Mary G.
    07/10/2018 12:58


  • Wankhede A.
    07/10/2018 10:57

    idar aake y u throwing garbage on road mat karna 😝

  • Charles S.
    07/10/2018 02:45

    And the homeless deposit their bodily waste right on the sidewalk also.

  • Edgar T.
    07/10/2018 01:35

    But the cannot keep crap off the sidewalks.

  • Brut
    07/10/2018 00:09

    Check out more cities taking the lead in eco-innovation.

  • Leon O.
    07/09/2018 23:15

    San Francisco is already a landfill for society's human waste. Typical democrat governed shithole

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