Sarah Shenker tells Brut about indigenous leader Paulo Paulino's life story

Paulo Paulino was shot dead on November 1 for trying to protect the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Sarah Shenker from Survival International used to work with this indigenous leader who devoted his life to preserve the forest that he called home. She tells Brut about his life story.

11/06/2019 1:05 PM


  • Guillermina P.
    12/31/2020 18:08

    Justicia basta de corripcion

  • Silas K.
    12/30/2020 08:24

    A worthy cause to die for, I think robots are a great way to monitor large areas of mother nature’s last sanctuaries.

  • Ursula A.
    12/30/2020 06:00

    Thank you for your service Guardians and Karma will be swift but true...

  • Ted W.
    12/29/2020 20:51

    LAW OF ONE will prevail

  • Julie K.
    12/29/2020 15:56

    Power and greed is the downfall of mankind.

  • Gulden L.
    12/29/2020 12:33


  • Daniella T.
    12/29/2020 09:45


  • Patrick F.
    12/29/2020 09:36

    My country de dutch is also the bleam for that and probebly some more contry's .that's wy karma is knocking on the wolrd.

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