Sarcastic awards for men

These satirical drawings praise men for doing the bare minimum. 👏

Taking note of society's low standards for men

Comedian and writer Shelby Lorman draws satirical awards for men who are praised for the bare minimum. She calls them “Awards for Good Boys.” Lorman draws inspiration from a variety of sources — including celebrities and politicians. Her illustrations often satirize modern dating trends. Lorman's humorous take on the celebration of male mediocrity has led to a large following on her @awardsforgoodboys Instagram account. She published a book of her illustrations and comics in June 2019.

She’s not actually awarding the person

“It's about how low the bar is for men and how that's a problem for everyone, because what it does is, like, when they do achieve these things, that should be the baseline. They're celebrated for it. I specifically wanted to do it through humor because I was like, what is a way that kind of is disarming and lets you in? I want you to be laughing and then I want you to be thinking about it later.The more that I do this work, the more I realize like, holy shit, like this is about me. This is about my friends. This is about how we conceptualize things as good in society. I'm giving people permission to laugh at these things that are deeply, deeply unfunny. And I think in that process, people are finding catharsis with other people, with themselves in their relationships,” Shelby Lorman tells Brut.

Mocking how society celebrates men who do the bare minimum

The native New Yorker’s Instagram account of the same name – which has more than 300k followers since launching in 2017. Shelby Lorman has long been taking note of society's low standards for men on her popular Instagram account, whether they're man spreaders on the subway or Tinder dates who brag about reading feminist literature. Now she's turned those incisive illustrations and vignettes into a book that awards — and lambastes — those men.


01/08/2020 12:57 PM
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  • Anthony J.
    12 hours


  • Emma A.
    a day

    The award for a man dating a woman close to his age doesn’t make much sense. How about a satirical award for a woman who doesn’t date someone twice her age for just the money? I don’t know why men are always portrayed as the bad guys. Women do plenty of disgusting things too.

  • Angel A.
    a day

    Take some psychology classes. Positive reinforcement is a thing you tool.

  • Angel A.
    a day

    Your mentality is exactly why men don't do better lol. "Why even try? Even the simplest things aren't enough for these women"

  • John C.
    a day

    As soon as women stop using their bodies like credit cards, men will stop using them as sex dolls. It’s definitely a two way street. But I guess women can’t vote and legally do all the things men can.. Oh wait. It’s not 1960 anymore. I care about woman’s rights, but some of you need to calm down a bit. You are generalizing about men and throwing us in a category, and then asking us not to generalize you and throw you into a category. It’s insanity. Everyone is responsible. Hold society responsible, not men.

  • Micah M.
    2 days

    But seriously, what's wrong with dating a 19yo?

  • Pedro B.
    2 days

    Award for good girls, while learning a male acquaintance was raped by a woman (like 79.2 percent of us) - "I'm sorry but...." And proceed to blame it on "toxic masculinity" and tries to explain it to me how I'm wrong when I say that's victim blaming.

  • Gary S.
    2 days

    It comes across as bitter and cynical. Is that the point?

  • Rhett S.
    3 days

    What a bunch of commie gobbliegook.

  • Rick T.
    4 days

    Nice eye brows

  • Donald E.
    4 days

    I can see why she hates men. They don't find her the least bit attractive. Vent away....

  • Nick L.
    4 days

    Awards for Good Girls: Lifted something 25 pounds or more over her head at work.

  • Mark U.
    5 days

    Could you try being a little bit more passive aggressive in the future?

  • Tristin O.
    5 days

    (((Shelby Lorman)))

  • Casey J.
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  • Tommy S.
    5 days

    Would you look at that piece of work

  • Zachary C.
    5 days

    I know someone who won't be getting my "doesn't perpetuate gender stereotypes" award.

  • David A.
    6 days

    i hope someone does this for women

  • Scott K.
    6 days

    wow ..this ??lady"?? has some big hands?? or did i just mis-gender ??

  • Brady W.
    6 days

    chicks celebrate getting nutted in