Satish Maneshinde: The Man Who Fights Bollywood's Battles

Aryan Khan is just the latest in his list of celebrity clients. How did Satish Maneshinde become Bollywood's favourite lawyer for a crisis?

10/14/2021 5:11 PMupdated: 10/14/2021 5:13 PM
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  • Virendra K.
    10/16/2021 15:07


  • Anand Y.
    10/16/2021 14:23

    Sad happenings.

  • Sidharth S.
    10/16/2021 13:46


  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35

    G7f out fu8fur8ur7r8ur7r7 r

  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35


  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35

    Hu 9 did ru47rjurur7f9ue8 and u rut ufuifiifuruir

  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35


  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35


  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35

    Fu7uu8u Fungus rufu8fuuriut77t888tir

  • Maaz A.
    10/16/2021 13:35


  • Hsiv H.
    10/16/2021 13:15

    Pehle ye judge mil k paisa khatey... Jb bank balance bhar jata h... Fir saja katwata h😂😂

  • Chandrakanth N.
    10/16/2021 12:40

    A high earning criminal lawyer is worse than the criminals he defends. One has to master the art of bribing the police & judiciary to be a high flyer like Maneshinde. Criminal cases are won, mostly 1. Witness intimidation 2. Witness turning hostile. 3. Evidence destruction 4. Police collusion by diluting the case by destroying evidence, by not following the procedures prescribed. The underworld, thugs, thieves are always there to assist, intimidation destruction of evidence etc. 5. Adopting delaying tactics. 6. Wealth & women are employed to sway the judiciary & police. So these lawyers also have to be good pimps & brokers. Sanjay Dutt whom he successfully defended was among those who waged a war against sovereign nation. A proclaimed anti national, who should've been hanged. 7. Salman Khan a serial offender, an anti social element. Who represents everything that's is rotten in Mumbai film industry. Once he mowed down people in drunken stupor. By defending such an act by creating evidence that he wasn't driving. The constable in the vehicle at the time of the incident died 5 yrs later suffering harassment to turn hostile. 8. In the Blackbuck hunting case, Salman shot 2 animals. Blackbuck is considered sacred by the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan who worship these animals, again Judiciary allowed themselves to be fooled & let him off. 9. Dayanayak who initially was a terror to the underworld later acquired notoriety by becoming a point man of the gangsters, eliminating rival gang members and amassed huge wealth. 10. Then less said the better about Rhea Chakraborty & Aryan Khan the drama is fresh in everyone's memory. The whole country knows who are criminals. The Judiciary is making a mockery of justice lowering its image in the eyes of the public. Do such bad apples of society need glorification?

  • Robinson V.
    10/16/2021 12:40

    this time around satish will be defeated by sending Aryan to jail

  • Rajiv R.
    10/16/2021 12:17

    If u just shoot the fuck out of this lawyer then everything will be fine for India....

  • Gaurav K.
    10/16/2021 11:59

    Harvey Specter!

  • Pavan P.
    10/16/2021 11:50

    Power of politician that the reason Sanjay dutt come out from prison not this lawyer

  • Angoo B.
    10/16/2021 11:44

    This is why the judicial system need to be improvised

  • Faraaz A.
    10/16/2021 10:50

    Drugs bechna band nahi hoga... Sabkebache jayenge lene... Haraami log what a constitution it's a SHAME

  • Utpal G.
    10/16/2021 10:47

    We should not support him as he defends all ill deeds. We Salute Sir Sameer Wankade as for him our Next Generation & Society r being saved

  • Gandhali D.
    10/16/2021 10:45

    Vedpatt lawyer

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