Sex industry raising funds for Australia

Models have raised nearly $1 million for Australia's wildfire relief — selling nude photos of themselves.

Working for free in the hopes that people will donate

To raise money for Australian fire relief, women in the online sex industry are selling nude photos of themselves. Model Kaylen Ward launched the trend with a tweet. She says she's helped raise close to $1 million — and sparked several models to follow her lead. While Instagram deactivated Ward’s account over her "sexually suggestive" content, the campaign has largely been met with support.

A body is just a body

“Not only are sex workers helping a good cause, but we're also showing the world that we're real people doing real work, and we all have good hearts. I saw on her Instagram that she had a small, a relatively small following, but she was able to raise 30,000 dollars in just a few hours. So, knowing that I had a similar following on Twitter, I decided to essentially copy and paste her exact message. It has been absolutely overwhelming and amazing how many people have come together for the Australian wildfires. And so far, I have raised approximately 45,000 dollars and counting. I still have thousands of unopened D.M., so there's really no telling. I just knew that it would help. I just knew it. Sex sells. It really does. And if you tag on a good cause, it. I just knew it would prompt people, especially based on the amount that Kaylen had raised when I started,” Jenna Hopkins, Adult content creator tells Brut.

Other social media adult stars are joining the cause and offering photos for proof of donations, such as porn actor Riley Reid

At least 24 people have died as over 200 fires have burned around Australia since September 2019. Ward estimated that she and a small team she's hired to respond to the requests have now sent 10,000 nude photos. The demand has been so overwhelming that they've had to stop. Since the money is going directly to charities, Ward herself isn't getting a cut, although her social media following has grown exponentially since the campaign started. A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News her account "was disabled for violating our policies. Offering nude images is not allowed on Instagram."


01/08/2020 7:47 PM
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  • Zach C.
    3 hours

    See? Bad fathers are good for something.

  • David S.
    3 hours

    This is gods work

  • Blake T.
    4 hours

    God bless these whoores

  • Gary E.
    8 hours

    That's awesome

  • Nicholas J.
    9 hours

    Why would I want a nude of someone I have seen getting railed out?

  • Matthew U.
    9 hours

    The logic

  • Andy M.
    10 hours

    If you’re clowning on them, and you didn’t donate, you should just stop right there

  • HamZa M.
    12 hours

    daikh bc dard rakhnay waly log will be proud part of them... 😁�aaan

  • Rebecca M.
    13 hours

    How can this be God's work? Yes raising money 4 a worthy cause but selling nudes is definitely NOT God's work..our bodies are sacred and only be seen by the person we choose to spend the rest of our lives with. There are many ways2 raise money but selling nudes just shows how much low of a standard a person self respect

  • Christopher S.
    13 hours

    There not the heros we asked for but they're the heros we needed.

  • Abdallah E.
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    الأنسانية يسطي

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    enta bt7ebboun hol

  • Keith G.
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    is that where your money went

  • حجي م.
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    انا وياكم بهاي الخطوة وراح اتصلخ ربي ما خلقتني كلشي من أجل إخماد حرائق استراليا...لعيونك يالكنغر

  • Derek D.
    a day

    Those are some fire hoes..."Fire Hose" hah get it...

  • Solomon M.
    a day

    Erase the stigma of sex workers so it will be appealing to your daughters, and people won't have to feel insecure that they chose sex work over a trade, skill, or education to make money. It's about principles. Haha.

  • Cris R.
    a day

    At least these females Re smart enough to understand the situation the planet is in. They're doing something for everyone. So be it. They're helping.

  • Justin A.
    a day

    Why buy nudes when you can see them for free online....

  • Reggie K.
    a day

    Ew disgusting any woman who shows her body off and degrades herself for any reason has lost my respect

  • Nick M.
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    Wait. They're selling nudes yet we can literally see any part of them for free? Okay then