Support animals traveling at unprecedented rate

And you thought the middle seat was bad? ;-) Snakes, pigs, ducks, ponies, and other support animals are flying with their owners like never before.

02/03/2018 9:59 PMupdated: 01/24/2020 3:09 PM


  • Liss P.
    04/24/2018 03:25

    mi tunquito

  • Jose S.
    04/24/2018 01:17

    Estupenda Ermosa

  • Trigona
    04/21/2018 10:08

    Many virus are spreeding from pig, and birds

  • Reychel S.
    04/17/2018 18:21

    como es que hay gente falto de entendimiento, habiendo seres humanos indefensos que requieren mas atención que un cerdo, Si Dios te bendice con bienes compártelo con tus semejantes y no lo malgastes; porque de todo ellos rendirás cuenta y cuando le digas que atendiste a un cerdo como crees que te mirara Dios?.

  • Buang N.
    03/26/2018 06:05

    Jorok celeng degendong

  • ذات ا.
    03/23/2018 20:41

    ايه ده خلاص الدنيا خلصت من الحيوانات الاليفه 😠😠

  • Juani P.
    03/22/2018 02:00

    Karo Si Pe

  • Yajaira S.
    03/12/2018 21:54

    El Arca de Noé

  • Sergio U.
    03/12/2018 01:25

    La rosa maría

  • Rogelio S.
    03/07/2018 22:19

    llevense a maduro

  • Mireya C.
    03/04/2018 01:14

    Que se traiga esa mascota para Venezuela, y así podremos comer chicharrones sin remordimiento

  • Giselle R.
    03/01/2018 02:53

    like this one Hahaha

  • Avery H.
    02/25/2018 06:09

    The pony is actually a seeing eye pony, they use them because of horses long life spans. I watched a documentary on him and his owner

  • Evelyn L.
    02/23/2018 16:28

    These people should also have documents stating this is what they need noterized fromDoctors

  • Brian R.
    02/21/2018 19:23

    That anorexic girl and her pig are ironic😂😂😂😂😂

  • Micah F.
    02/21/2018 14:03

    U can always identify a non service animal by how they act. A REAL one will never growl, never bark, never try to play, never ever ever ever pull at a leash. A service animal will remain at the foot of their owner. Silent, and on duty. Period. Faking a service animal is fraud. Just because u purchased the service animal ID online doesn't make it a service animal and you have beens scammed. The only way to receive real service animal certificate is a note from ur doctor, prescribing the animal. Do ur fucking research people. Cause all these fake ass service animals are gonna fucking hurt someone one day.

  • Maria M.
    02/20/2018 04:37

    David Barrett

  • Tatiana M.
    02/18/2018 23:06

    Screw that!! So many pets have been lost or died in all family members should be allowed to fly next to their human....but the owner should have proper control of their pet.

  • Rupon R.
    02/17/2018 16:49

    কোতার বাচা

  • Katherine K.
    02/17/2018 15:15

    people abusing the system 🤦🏼‍♀️

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