• Lori D.
    06/27/2017 14:48

    These islands have been changing for years and years. The outer edge erodes and the inner land side builds up.

  • Jessica B.
    06/25/2017 12:55

    It's not changing the land is just sinking. What idiots

  • Samantha M.
    06/24/2017 02:36

    Not the only place... but sad and terrifying!

  • Manuel M.
    06/23/2017 18:49

    Hahah good luck, the president is busy building a useless wall, plus hes not too keen on climate change, so you can kiss your island goodbye

  • Norman B.
    06/23/2017 18:13


  • Paul V.
    06/23/2017 18:08

    Mmm. Cheesecake bay.

  • Paul R.
    06/23/2017 17:49

    Mary M. Trochowski is this anywhere near you?

  • Tim F.
    06/23/2017 17:13

    Because we have not learned from the History of the earth. Climate changes, water levels rise and lower. It will happen whether we try to prevent it or not.

  • Brian S.
    06/23/2017 16:46

    I like the ocean. I want more of it. Don't live on islands. They won't be around.

  • Jude O.
    06/23/2017 15:47

    ! Wow...so close by! Didn't know there was an example of this happening in the continental states...

  • Tony M.
    06/23/2017 14:57

    Maybe it's time we start making fresh water from our ocean

  • Michael P.
    06/23/2017 14:45

    - how close is this place to you all?

  • Angie S.
    06/23/2017 14:28

    Awww. A bunch of trump supporters getting ignored. Haha!! I've been here. It's neat but it'll be gone in my Lifetime. All the dead bodies will pop up.

  • Dee J.
    06/23/2017 14:03

    sounds like a problem is sorting itself out!

  • Matthew R.
    06/23/2017 13:29

    Let them die

  • Antonia W.
    06/23/2017 10:08

    ...the land is sinking...I..just...what

  • Brandon N.
    06/23/2017 07:38

    They should tell Trump to build them a wall that will be 1000 feet high that will keep all the very bad hombre sea water out.

  • Christine L.
    06/23/2017 06:21

    Well I suggest they pack up and leave because Trump can care less.

  • Khalique T.
    06/23/2017 06:11

    Tangier is suffering more from erosion, but it it's happening at a faster pace than predicted. When I came to the US in 2000, that island was much larger than it is today, and the uptick in hurricanes hasn't helped them; a sizeable chunk of the island right now is underwater. If they're projecting only 50 years, it's unfortunately to late for the island.

  • Ermin K.
    06/23/2017 05:32

    Equating erosion and climate change... For the purpose of maintaining a narrative. Fake news.

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