The Complicated Truth About Foie Gras

Should you be eating foie gras... or nah? This is why NYC and some other cities and states have banned the controversial delicacy.

Foie gras is typically produced by force feeding ducks and geese over a period of weeks

New York City will join California in prohibiting the sale of foie gras. Most Foie gras is made of the liver of a duck or goose that's been fattened. It's produced through a process called “gavage” or also known as forced feeding. A metal tube is forced down the throat of ducks or geese to feed them with grain until their liver fattens to 10X its size. This leads to a chemical change within the liver, which creates a smooth texture. The animals are then slaughtered, and their liver is cooked into a pâté. The gavage can leave ducks too big to walk or breathe. Several times a day, they have a 10-inch metal pipe jammed down their throats.

Some cruelty concerns led the New York City Council to approve a ban —which takes effect in 2022. India, Israel, Britain, have banned the sale and production of foie gras. Whole Foods stopped selling the product in 1997. The bill calls the luxury good a "force-fed product" and, in a statement to CNN, councilwoman Carlina Rivera -- the prime sponsor of the bill -- called force-feeding an "inhumane practice."

But not all foie gras comes from force feeding. One farm in Spain makes it from the livers of wild geese that land there every autumn — they are not force-fed. He uses the word "sacrifice" to describe the killing of geese. “Here geese are eating, principally, acorn, and a lot of grass. And all this really helps them to develop more natural fat, grease. Because, every animal when the cold is coming, needs to accumulate a lot of fat in order to live normally actually.” Farmer Eduardo Sousa tells Brut. Cost of Foie gras is $220 per small jar.


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    Sick bastards

  • Stacey M.
    06/26/2020 17:33

    Looks delicious this is how we treat our chickens in America lol we dont force feed them but everything else the same :)

  • Randa K.
    06/08/2020 15:46

    I just don't understand how anyone can live with themselves, after torturing an animal.

  • Hassan O.
    06/08/2020 05:57

    remember this Garde manger....

  • Shiva V.
    06/05/2020 19:27

    After taking so much care animal is slaughtered.... Last no mercy

  • Rosa A.
    05/23/2020 04:55

    Pobres animalitos! Dejen de comer animales!

  • Lola O.
    03/03/2020 09:22

    Es asqueroso, cruel..lo más lejano al cuidado y la compasión..prefiero comer siete millones de veces el maíz, no transgénico por supuesto.

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    12/28/2019 04:52

    Hbm Jayy

  • Linda V.
    12/26/2019 03:24

    Plants are no different!!!! They're forced to grow more than twice their size!!! It's inhumane!!!

  • Karina W.
    12/26/2019 01:55

    i hate this i wanna cry everytime i see it, ALWAYS ON MY TL

  • Kelvin L.
    12/25/2019 02:50

    OMG....I'll never be able to look a Goose in the face again

  • Joshua S.
    12/15/2019 12:07

    Most people watching this forget that Chickens on farms like that have the same conditions and mortality rate as those ducks.

  • Jerome L.
    12/14/2019 15:18

    I see no difference between foie gras, highly-fertilized produce, and all other caged animals. All are unnatural and forced. So why do some people choose which one will upset them, which one is unethical, and which one is acceptable? HYPOCRISY.

  • Bovoka P.
    12/11/2019 18:29

    This isn’t consider brutality when you’re just gonna kill it eventually

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    12/11/2019 16:28

    . Vos valeurs animals seront bien loin lorsque vous aurez ca dans votre assiette. Personnellement je sortirais de table.

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    That’s mad fucky yo

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    12/11/2019 04:55

    Que asco

  • Becca D.
    12/11/2019 00:59

    I wouldn't see an issue with it if it was more.... humane. But it is a food source. I can't complain.