• Andrea R.
    08/13/2017 06:10

    "I'm not a sexist. I'm not a racist." No, dude. You're an idiot.

  • Niz H.
    08/11/2017 22:26

    That sounds really tough, Chad.

  • Arnaud J.
    08/11/2017 22:19

    comments left by guys defend the fired engineer and complain about how no one "combatted him with reason", implying he was right comment left by gals criticize the guy for holding such sexist views masquerading as science in the first place fascinating edit: this isn't a general rule or anything, just a trend I've noticed

  • Alanni G.
    08/11/2017 16:53


  • Camille C.
    08/11/2017 16:41

    LOOOOOOOOOL "I'm not a sexist"

  • Leah K.
    08/11/2017 15:40

    Sooo wrong that he got fired whether you agree with him or not! Its freedom of speech!!

  • BJ C.
    08/11/2017 15:04

    Boohoo snowflake

  • Gabrielle K.
    08/11/2017 14:59

    "I don't really identify with alt right" goodbye Emma

  • Deana S.
    08/11/2017 14:44

    "i'm not a racist and I'm not sexist" I just say racist & sexist things and feel targeted & attacked when my words have consequences.

  • Alyssa M.
    08/11/2017 14:19

    He sounds like Tina Belcher

  • Christy W.
    08/11/2017 13:48

    "In a blind test, professors with male names were rated higher than those with female names, regardless of their actual gender." "That's the nature of white male privilege: Even if they and the people they interact with aren't aware of it, they're constantly getting the benefit of the doubt." These quotes came from scientific studies on biases.

  • Brittany C.
    08/11/2017 13:21

    It's so unfair, all I wanted to do was point out that I believe my female and minority colleagues are genetically inferior and I got fired for it! 😭

  • Dulce R.
    08/11/2017 13:09

    I hope this guy never gets laid again!

  • Tiffany W.
    08/11/2017 12:33

    Not about opinion it is about protacal. He sent out a sexist memo even if he was right that was NOT the way to share ideas especially as someone who is in position of authority. These seminars with hr or other things that people are suggesting as a way to teach better behaviour would be appropriate had he not utilized such a public forum. Firing was the only course of action especially because how public his forum was. Next time dont write it as a memo and issue it to the company....

  • Jessica G.
    08/11/2017 10:54

    Just take a minute and do a little reading on equity vs equality and it might give you a little more insight into those hiring practices, friend.

  • Leigh S.
    08/11/2017 07:09

    Well, they didn't portray him. He decided to put out a ten page manifesto as a Google employee that offended many with in the company and many users. That's on him. That's why he lost his job. He probably broke policy due to this. Sorry but if he isn't sitting in each interview or reading every candidates' resume, he can't say some are being hired solely on race and gender or these ppl are getting an easier hiring process. There are still more the 50% of white male employees at Google. Sounds like he isn't getting recognized for his mediocre work performance.

  • Gabriela C.
    08/11/2017 06:54


  • Riann P.
    08/11/2017 06:35

    No debate with hate speech. Debate gives credibility, and this has zero.

  • Paul S.
    08/11/2017 06:15

    Snivel much? Need a hanky?

  • Katy M.
    08/11/2017 05:35


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