The life of Leonardo DiCaprio

In "Don't Look Up," he plays a scientist desperately trying to warn the world about an upcoming disaster. In real life, he's been using his platform to raise awareness about the climate crisis for years ... This is the story of Leo DiCaprio.

01/04/2022 5:57 PM


  • Chase M.
    13 hours

    While he burns thousands of gallons of diesel in his yachts and god knows how many gallons of jet fuel in his private jet.

  • Troy S.
    14 hours

    Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the climate always been changing and will always change?

  • Joey C.
    16 hours

    How much fuel does his mega yacht burn an hour???

  • John G.
    16 hours

    he still flys around in his jet

  • John P.
    17 hours

    If he really wants to be an advocate and lead the way he should drive a Prius, sell that giant fuel burning ship he owns, and instead of fly himself on his private jet, buy a plane ticket !

  • April S.
    17 hours

    Lots of people in these comments are the exact problem

  • Ronald P.
    20 hours

    This coming from a guy that still rides around in jets and cars what a moronic idiot

  • Alvin C.
    a day

    Sept 2021: Leo DiCaprio Buys $13.8 Million Malibu Retreat, Lists Longtime Carbon Beach House

  • Steve M.
    a day

    He’s not even a credible actor in my opinion… I didn’t like him when he was a child actor, and I won’t watch his garbage now…

  • Sergio L.
    a day

    I only he would sell his jet or yacht that are powered by a lot of fuel🥱

  • Yuma H.
    a day

    He got popular way before”Romeo and Juliet”.He was so amazing on”What’s eating Gilbert Grape”and”This Boy’s Life”

  • Nico P.
    a day

    the earth has been here since the beginning of time it repairs it's self tornados hurricanes devistation horrible acts of mankind animals reach a certain life span just like humans save this save that let nature take its course the earth climate control was here before us humans and also humans are there worst enemies let the world be it will never die no disrespect to this actor cause

  • Mason G.
    2 days

    Ol Al Gore says the worlds gonna end in ten years. He says the same thing every ten years

  • Matt M.
    2 days


  • Curtis W.
    2 days

    What a Saint! His carbon footprint is estimated to be around 418.4 tons per year. The average American is around 19 tons. Yeah, we should continue to praise him for his tremendous efforts. 🤣

  • Sam O.
    2 days

    Ah. Yes. The guy who owns a yacht and flies everywhere is going to lecture on climate and pollution. This hypocrite has a bigger carbon footprint than every person who has watched this video. Spare me.

  • John D.
    2 days

    300ft yatchs and private jets are not good for the planet and he still pushes climate change on the rest of us

  • Jason P.
    2 days

    Global warming is real, we have developed at the tail end of an ice age. It is a cycle.

  • John N.
    2 days

    Your the best kid catch me if you can

  • Quinn L.
    2 days

    Just like majority of leftist in Hollywood, he’s a freaking hypocrite. Sad thing is idiots fall for it.

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