The life of Lil Nas X

He had planned to hide his sexuality to protect his burgeoning career. Now, this culture-changing artist is unapologetic about speaking out. This is the story of Lil Nas X.

03/30/2021 12:59 PM


  • Thomas M.
    06/19/2021 08:58

    Condoning is not condemning. Condoning the man and condemning what he represents is a very stand up child of God and has his every blessing in doing so. And we wouldnt be at this point if battle with satan if more children of God stand up and bring their children up in the admonition of the Lord so that when they grow older they want depart. And I'll stand here or their and say that you liberals have sucked the life out of this great country with your liberal teachings. Its compassionate to a person's soul to speak truth and help them see their trespasses than it is to tell them a sugar coated lie that the world is greater by allowing such abominations of The One and only creator and the omega of our soul.If your twisting Gods truth then you are serving satan. And you are going to see a great return to his Grace so I know your going to hear plenty more people speaking up. A sign of the times being fulfilled because these are the last days were living in. Listen to God. Not man .You need not man teach you . His spirit will teach you.and his spirit cometh through his word. The spirit of truth .That's why he says the truth will set you free and if I set you free ( free from the bonds of satin the prince of this world ,going to and fro seeking whom he can devour for he knows he has only but a short time) then you are free indeed.The beginning of knowledge is to fear the Lord .God knows nothing but truth its sharper than any two edged sword. So you tell me it's not being compassionate by telling all these people that's it's a abomination of God to be queer ,gay ,homosexual,lesbian,transgender or any other label satan wants to put on it to spruce it up .Telling someone the truth to help them see truth is the love of God.Theirs many following after that Great Lie of satan. Another end time prophecy being fulfilled. Wake up people God loves you and wants you to come back to him.Its not a fairytale that those that arent born of his spirit are going to spend everlasting eternity so hot that it will never be quenched. God is the one that is going to be the judge of your soul.And sin isn't going to enter his Kingdom.Im just a messenger of the King that loves you and speaks to you as he wants.Serving him comes with works not just by faith and believing. Faith without works is dead.God is a just God.Hes also a vengeful God and a jealous God. If he wasnt then many wouldnt see him as a loving God.Hes going to pour out his wrath in destroying heaven and earth but his Grace is in bringing man back to him and giving us a new heaven and earth that we arent worthy to behold.

  • John H.
    06/05/2021 19:20

    Who cares.

  • Dorothy K.
    06/05/2021 15:17

    So glad he being who he is quit making other people happy sometimes you deserve to give yourself the happiness you deserve even if it means losing some people.on the way. Proud of you.

  • Viola Y.
    06/05/2021 14:39


  • Shanthipakumari S.
    06/05/2021 14:03


  • Daniel P.
    06/05/2021 13:09


  • Memory H.
    06/05/2021 13:04

    I pray for him that God lead him down a road the righteousness

  • Cheril H.
    06/05/2021 12:56

    Um No Thank you

  • Alvin B.
    06/05/2021 12:21


  • Zoie M.
    06/05/2021 10:18

    Love you little cute talented brother! Keep on being you n love yourself. Let the haters hate! Ugk them!!

  • Trung T.
    06/05/2021 09:47

    có biết tôi là ai không? hi 🌛 🌟 🥀 🌴

  • Rachael K.
    06/05/2021 09:41

    This Nas X is not a good man he’s into Satanic occult

  • Sandra L.
    06/05/2021 09:00


  • Pameka E.
    06/05/2021 08:46

    Why is he famous? Not a fan of his at all!

  • Asaru R.
    06/05/2021 07:52

    Also the Cowboy hat is Moroccan Moor design; notice the design has soul to it.

  • Asaru R.
    06/05/2021 07:46

    Be advised that Cowboy and Country music come from the Moroccan Moors ; who are the woolly crown indigenous people of the western hemisphere now called America ; America is political jurisdiction of Britain. Americans would move about in wagons copying from the Moors for new ideas ; like music and dance ; the United Colonies (no State) of North America has no culture; if do; it would had been in their Constitution we Moors gave them.

  • Alexis E.
    06/05/2021 07:20

    Theres nothing to b proud

  • Alexis E.
    06/05/2021 07:20

    How about all LGBTQ have one huge gay vacation on Pluto Inn and vibe in space and away so they're happy safe sound.

  • Melanie L.
    06/05/2021 07:11

    Yeah , that’s Ok , if you put it that way !. Very good thinking 🤔!’

  • Micah T.
    06/05/2021 07:10

    Based on his last Song: I think he might be going to hell..? Just saying.... I’ll pray for him