• Simon L.
    2 days

    Threats from Russia. So what? NATO can hit russia if forced to do so. Putin can attack first but there is no winners. Even loopy Putin realises this. One missile on Moscow and around 15 million die. U.K. has submarines filled with missiles waiting to go into action. But the little man tries to play the big boy Talk is cheap but once started it’s over

  • Lorgans J.
    2 days

    Russias dead man switch for its Nuclear Missiles is what is stopping the world..Basically ....you could drop a nuke right on top of Putin and all his military staff...and all of their Nukes will still be fired...They more or less made sure if they get Nuked...everyone will...

  • Sanjay K.
    3 days

    Putin has suicidal attitude, he wants to kill million by nuclear weapons, and die self along with his country people, because he is not going escape from the nuclear weapons of NATO. HE HAS NOT KNOWN THE VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE. WHAT A DEMONIC RULER OF 21ST CENTURY. The blood of killed one is crying to God for justice. Putin is going to be judged by God. God will pour down His anger upon Putin, and none of his military power will rescue him. God will Almighty and just God, God hates murderer like Putin. God will pour down His distraction on PUTIN very soon

  • Ilbiza K.
    5 days

    USA benarkan lsrael simpan 200 senjata nuklear. Untuk apa? Untuk ugut dan takutkan negara negara Arab.

  • Dav I.
    5 days

    Boom Boom Boom

  • Norodin A.
    6 days

    Simply !,dismantle the Nuke weapons.

  • Ole S.
    05/09/2022 05:17

    War criminals: Putin, Prigozhin, Ytkin, Kirill & Omurbekov

  • Lemtor S.
    05/05/2022 03:01

    It was in march that Putin assembled all nuclear force because of provocation. The picture is grim.

  • Donald J.
    05/03/2022 04:59

    Old man has gone insane with blood and gold. Can't get enough.

  • Mark J.
    05/02/2022 13:32

    We need to rid the Earth of WMDs. To swim in a pool of gasoline, threatening another person in the pool with a Bic lighter, is insane. Any nuclear war would be over within 1 hour, as would all life on the planet.

  • Geraldine T.
    05/02/2022 12:19

    Why hirushimabomb by USthey take advancetage to a small country where is yourthe justice for them They seems forgoten for millions of dieng? .

  • Red B.
    05/01/2022 04:34

    It's not how many you have It's how few you'll use

  • Dave N.
    04/30/2022 06:01

    Execute order 66.

  • Jordan K.
    04/29/2022 04:48


  • James D.
    04/28/2022 10:40

    No winner's we are all loses, humans con't goven, we need one leader to rule the world, and it will happen.

  • Milton C.
    04/28/2022 01:18

    Go for cok head Don’t think for one minute u to will survive .

  • Sikoti P.
    04/24/2022 13:08

    UN has to set up a law to punish heavily a country used atomic pomp to destroy human lives

  • Anthony W.
    04/24/2022 01:37

    Putin's on borrowed Time.

  • Anthony W.
    04/24/2022 01:36

    Fire with Fire .Simple only Way.

  • Anthony W.
    04/24/2022 01:35

    The sound of desperation.

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