The reason behind Texas' power outage

Record low temperatures have left over 4 million Texas residents with no power — a deadly issue that's actually man-made... Here's why.

02/17/2021 8:38 PMupdated: 02/18/2021 11:03 AM


  • Barry P.
    03/22/2021 22:36

    this has happened in the past and still will.

  • Natilea F.
    03/08/2021 10:46

    How can happened in America !

  • Hakim D.
    02/26/2021 19:48

    The Texan's officials were putting their nose in others states elections instead of taking care of home problems .

  • Dana O.
    02/26/2021 04:07

    Jesus I come before your thrown on behalf of all these people suffering due to power outages I ask that you bless them with food, water, and power, and comfort in there time of need thank you for all you do behind the scenes that nobody' even knows about if thank you and praise you Lord Jesus

  • Bob N.
    02/25/2021 07:48

    The use of power during the summer the demand was twice as high as it was during this recent cold front

  • Allen M.
    02/23/2021 14:07

    The state looks paralyzed .

  • Kmaxx F.
    02/23/2021 06:33

    Rogan must be regretting moving to Texas.

  • Jeremy J.
    02/21/2021 20:31

    I guess they weren't smart enough to know what pipes do when they freeze. Do they know how to shut their water off? I know people will say "we arent ready for this" and what not but theres also common sense.

  • Anton N.
    02/21/2021 18:59

    Red State

  • Thomas F.
    02/21/2021 09:53

    Lots of experts on here!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Evelyn F.
    02/20/2021 20:02

    Biden gave China control of our power grid

  • Debra W.
    02/20/2021 19:35

    No doubt those folks are poor

  • Jennifer T.
    02/20/2021 18:28

    More lies

  • Jan S.
    02/20/2021 16:22

    If it's coming out of her mouth it's a lie.

  • Carol H.
    02/20/2021 13:34

    Oh good grief! Are people seriously trying to turn this political?! That’s gross! Texas is a state not equipped for cold weather because it never happens there, so pipes aren’t winterized like up north, roads are impassable due to no snow plows or salt clear roads means workers can’t get out to fix power lines. This didn’t happen because Texas isn’t “green”. I’m so sick of idiots pushing agendas on everything and people blindly believing what they see online 🙄

  • John F.
    02/20/2021 12:58

    I blame the people if they didn't have food in the house. I blame the people if they didn't wrap their pipes. That's just it no one takes accountability for themselves or their family. And then when s*** happens they blame everybody but themselves. But asTexans we got out there and helped one another. But it's nobody's dang fault. But the person's fault that's responsible for their household

  • William W.
    02/20/2021 12:31

    Welcome to the Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep written in 2011.

  • Debra B.
    02/20/2021 10:17


  • Tyler H.
    02/20/2021 09:54

    This is full of government propoganda, the coal plants were not allowed to be turned on till it was to late because of green regulations from Dept of energy.

  • Rob H.
    02/20/2021 09:12

    Maybe this will be a lesson to those that think they can live without fossil fuels, the generators that Biden is finally sending or any generator for that matter, uses FOSSIL FUELS TO RUN...LITERALLY, FOSSIL FUELS ARE GOING TO SAVE YOUR LIVES..I am greatly disappointed that few people knew how to survive in these conditions, looking to the government to save them, what the hell is America going to do if things were fires for warmth and cooking and water, basic 101 survival skills, group together to share food, yes, the situation is tragic, but how are people going to survive in a nuclear holocaust if you can't survive this...the government can't save you now, but you can save yourselves as uncomfortable as that may be...Texas will recover...

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