• Joni T.
    10/18/2020 00:24

    Will someone point out that this cow should have been directed toward licking the newborn instead of the human? It releases oxytocin, helping to prevent hemorrhage, the very thing that killed the cow. This video is misleading and very sad.

  • Kevin M.
    03/29/2020 15:40

    The hard reality is most of the world will not quit eating meat. They should be treated as good as possible. Even though they will end up being slaughtered.

  • Louie P.
    03/28/2020 12:11

    No animal should be locked up in captivity. No animal should be killed for meat. And the ways people slaughter these animals is just disgusting. Animals should be left alone to live their lives. We can eat other food to live so stop killing these innocent animals

  • Ruben T.
    03/27/2020 16:05

    Isn't that what God made animals so we can eat?

  • Terry H.
    03/27/2020 02:20

    Cows are very intelligent

  • Patty P.
    03/22/2020 00:58

    So sad to hear this, beautiful animals

  • Mamita C.
    03/19/2020 13:13

    They hav feelings too❤️💙💚💛🤎

  • Jesus T.
    03/19/2020 08:26

    So what happened to the carcass was the meat used to feed people??

  • Bahia B.
    03/19/2020 07:24

    Sad story but it's unfortunately the hard reality ...

  • Peter A.
    03/19/2020 05:47

    You’ve been mentally infected with another mad cow disease.

  • Zachary H.
    03/18/2020 08:20

    I cried

  • Justin M.
    03/18/2020 03:49


  • Isabelita F.
    03/18/2020 02:20

    Stop this form of animal cruelty!

  • Isabelita F.
    03/18/2020 02:16

    Lo siento.

  • Jayantha M.
    03/18/2020 00:31

    🙏 🙏

  • Isidore R.
    03/18/2020 00:12

    now i got slaughtered animals more 😩😭

  • Denise Y.
    03/17/2020 22:54

    Omg, humans had been who hurt her all these years, but yet, in her desperate time, she trusted a human :( We know nothing of the animal world, as we bull through it.

  • Nevin S.
    03/17/2020 22:18

    how pathetic

  • Sweta B.
    03/17/2020 21:44


  • Mohamed K.
    03/17/2020 20:42

    nice word god bless you

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